Committed groups within the chapter

East Bay DSA has many independent caucuses, all working to meet the needs of East Bay residents. Caucuses are unofficial formations of members within the chapter, and do not necessarily represent the positions of East Bay DSA. Find a caucus below that is engaged in the kind of transformative work that the working class needs.

AFROSOCialists and Socialists of Color Caucus (AFROSOC)

The AFROSOCialists and Socialists of Color Caucus (AFROSOC) is a multi-tendency national caucus. The caucus and its local chapter formations advocate for and build power with East Bay DSA’s Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) membership and their communities. We pursue this work to build a multiracial working-class base, the only strategy for destroying all oppressive systems and overthrowing racial capitalism through the creation of a BIPOC socialist world.

  • Founding members: Ashley P., Carlos O., Hasan A., Keane C., Kevin S., Marissa S., Ruwi S., Sarah K.
  • Contact:

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Eugene Debs Caucus

The Democratic Party is the graveyard of social justice movements. For the working class to really be its own political force and challenge capitalism, it must have its own party. DSA can help build such a party by running local candidates and organizing campaigns directly in and out of the workplace, campus, and penal system.

  • Founding members: John R., Cheryl Z., Dan L., Sean G., and Justin G.
  • Contact:

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Climate and Environmental Justice Caucus

The mission of the East Bay DSA Climate and Environmental Justice Caucus is to fight for marginalized communities, end fossil fuel dependence while furthering climate mitigation and resiliency, and ensure a just, equitable future worth living in for everyone.

  • Founding members: Zach G., Mary K., Owen W., Meagan G., Shira Z. D., Michael K., and Bill B.
  • Contact:

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Independent Media Caucus

Do you think that the creation of independent media is a potentially powerful organizing tool?

Then join us! We've got a podcast pilot produced and hope to build a team to keep it going, including interviews with other DSA chapters, chats with East Bay DSA caucuses, and educational segments about socialist thought and history. The sky's the limit!

Communist Caucus

We believe in using "worker inquiry" to build working-class power from the bottom up in the East Bay.

Our current projects are a tenant's council, homeless camp support, and assistance with Abolition Caucus' brake light program.

Read our statement for more info on what we're about!

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Immigrants' Rights Caucus

The mission of the Immigrants' Rights caucus is to fight for immigrants. We hope to do this by making connections with immigrant communities in the Bay, educating chapter members about immigration, coordinating with other DSA chapters in California on actions, and fighting to bring about a just, socialist economic order for this nation's immigrants.

Peace Caucus

The mission of the peace caucus of East Bay DSA is to contribute to the goal of a world free of war, the danger of nuclear annihilation, war profiteering, and the militarization of police.

The escalating military budget undercuts domestic spending on health care, housing, and education. US militarism enables harmful foreign intervention, continuous wars, and neocolonialism and is toxic to the climate and environment. Reliance on nuclear weapons as an instrument of foreign policy threatens to kill millions of people, if not everyone on the planet.

We aim to facilitate discussion of these issues within DSA and the broader community to help build an effective peace movement.

  • Founding members: Barbara E., Susan S., Susan C., Michael K., Alice D., Marc P., Raymond B., and Eugene R.
  • Contact:

Socialist Feminist Caucus

The SocFem Caucus aims to bring a socialist perspective to the Bay Area mainstream feminist movement and a feminist perspective to EBDSA.

We are a space to learn and organize around feminist issues such as reproductive justice, racial justice, and other economic issues that especially impact poor and working-class women and LGBTQIA people.

Founding members: Regina Larre C., Maia A., Dominic D., Jenny W., Jackie A., Maura M.


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