Afrosocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus (AFROSOC)

The Afrosocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus (AFROSOC) is a multi-tendency national caucus. The caucus and its local chapter formations advocate for and build power with East Bay DSA’s Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) membership and their communities. We pursue this work to build a multiracial working-class base, the only strategy for destroying all oppressive systems and overthrowing racial capitalism through the creation of a BIPOC socialist world.

We prioritize welcoming spaces for BIPOC. We aspire to function as a network that will support and develop non-white EBDSA members into leaders in the organization.

We host BIPOC-only Happy Hours, so we can come together with like-minded people to socialize, conspire, or just kick back.

We work closely with the Racial Solidarity Committee on political campaigns. Through public and internal education and agitation, we aim to continue the legacy of the Black radical tradition and other radical anti-racist political projects.

We welcome non-DSA members. We hope, of course, that our guests will join DSA, but you don't have to be a DSA member to participate in our activities or join this caucus. In fact, we strongly encourage non-members to come meet us and look forward to working with radical BIPOC whether they are DSA members or not.

  • Founding members: Ashley P., Carlos O., Hasan A., Keane C., Kevin S., Marissa S., Ruwi S., Sarah K.
  • Contact: