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Take Back Alameda Health System!

Workers of Alameda Health System (our public safety-net hospital system) announced they've voted over 98% to STRIKE! On Oct 7, over 3,500 public healthcare system workers will be headed to the picket line to win safe, terrific patient care for the East Bay working class. And we’re getting ready to support them! Please fill out this form so we can loop you in to support a historic strike for public health!

Read testimonies about why patients, workers, and community are uniting together to win the public health system that we deserve!

Our county’s Public Safety Net Hospital System is in a dire state of emergency. The mismanagement of Alameda Health System (AHS) poses alarming public safety concerns for our entire community, and especially the majority working-class Black and Brown community members employed by, and served by, AHS. 

East Bay DSA is proud to be part of the Alameda County Coalition for Healthy Communities.  Together with our union and community partners, we are fighting for a fully funded and accountable public health system.

We demand that our County Board of Supervisors take responsibility for ensuring a health system that is truly public and serves the health and wellbeing of the East Bay’s diverse, multiracial working class!

This requires:

  • Direct governance of Alameda Health System by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors
  • Good faith bargaining with all labor unions within AHS and building worker leadership in AHS
  • Immediate redress to the unsafe environment for patients and workers due to lack of proper PPE, training, and scheduling
  • Increased funding to AHS

The hospital system was formerly operated by the county Board of Supervisors, but now is controlled by a negligent, unaccountable, and anti-union Board of Trustees. While this authority is technically overseen by the County Board of Supervisors, they have not been held accountable by our public officials. Their mismanagement has resulted in the following ongoing problems:

  • Insufficient staffing
  • A drastic lack of PPE, supplies, and training in the midst of a global pandemic
  • Unfair bargaining with SEIU 1021
  • Retaliatory firing of whistleblowers

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Email labor@eastbaydsa.org to join the organizing committee.

Have you been a patient of AHS?

If you are interested in providing testimony that reflects the mismanagement or underfunding of AHS, we want to hear from you!

Patient stories about the impacts of mismanagement and austerity will help us show the Board of Supervisors that the current system is hurting a wide range of their constituents. Testimonies may be used, with patients’ permission, in written articles, videos, or in direct communication with decision makers. Patient participation in our campaign is hugely important to build our case for a fully funded and accountable public health system. 

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