ATU Local 192 Strike Support

Workers and Riders Roll Together!

The Bay Area’s regional transportation agency, MTC (the Metropolitan Transportation Commission), is responsible for $1.3 billion in federal emergency funding for public transportation. MTC Commissioners -- mayors (like Libby Schaaf in Oakland and Sam Liccardo in San Jose), and county Supervisors (like Dave Cortese in Santa Clara and Scott Haggerty in Alameda) from nine Bay Area counties -- voted on April 22 to spend nearly $800 million of that money, with no plan to protect the lives and safety of our courageous transit workers and our transit riders.

On May 27, they will vote on the remaining half-billion dollars. Let’s wake them up to the fact that this is a crisis. Essential workers and unemployed people who rely on transit are at risk. MTC has a lot of money, and it’s time for them to act.


Who is ATU 192 & what are they fighting for?

The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 192 is AC Transit’s union of bus operators, mechanics and other AC Transit workers, and they may have to strike to fight for a fair and just contract for riders and workers.

We won our public bus system in 1960 with our brothers and sisters at ATU Local 192. Today, we need to stand with AC Transit workers in their fight for justice on the job, and for high-quality public transportation for all!