Bernie 2020


If you donated, made calls, painted banners, or knocked doors with DSA for Bernie, this victory belongs to you! The fight has just begun, and the movement for Bernie and Democratic Socialism needs your help more than ever.

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Why Bernie? Why Bernie for DSA?

We have a historic opportunity to bring democratic socialist politics to millions of people. When Bernie says “not me, us,” he’s talking about an urgent political project: building a mass movement of working people that can change society. We’ll start with Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, powerful unions, tuition-free college, and an end to mass incarceration — but we won’t stop there.

East Bay DSA for Bernie is part of a national campaign for DSA, to bring together the “us” that will put Bernie in the White House, and then go on to create the grassroots political power needed to transform our economy and politics into a true democracy, where ordinary people have everything they need to live free and flourishing lives.

Bernie’s policies include

  • Medicare for All
  • Housing for All
  • A Green New Deal 
  • Ending Mass Incarceration
  • Stopping Deportations
  • Good Jobs for All
  • And more!

Our Bernie campaign will unite a diverse coalition, including DSA chapters, unions, activists, students, and socialist organizers across all of East Bay. DSA organizers are hitting the streets to talk to thousands of people about Bernie in Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, and Richmond about democratic socialism and our movement to transform the world. Join us!

How can I help elect Bernie? 

  1. Talk to your neighbors about Bernie! The only way to build a mass movement of the working class for Bernie is by talking to as many people as possible about Bernie and his demands. We are knocking doors, going to BART stations, passing out flyers at First Fridays and talking to as many of our neighbors as possible and organizing them into the campaign. 
  2. Got some friends? Host your own canvass! Having a canvass party is a super fun way for you to involve your friends and family in the fight for Bernie. We will give you everything you need: we’ll walk you through what a typical canvass is like, give you a bin of supplies, and answer any questions you might have!
  3. Show up to any of our eventseveryone is welcome! Want to grab a drink and talk about Bernie? Got a night to make phone calls to remind people to vote? Stop by any of our events and the brand new office to learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved!
  4. Make sure to vote on Tuesday, March 3, in the Democratic primary!

Voting Deadlines in California

Need more information on how to vote in California? Call the California Secretary of State's toll-free voter hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683), or visit

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