Bread for Ed

Bread for Ed was a fundraiser and solidarity project supporting the 2019 Oakland Education Association (OEA) strike. A coalition of political and community organizations came together to support the students and teachers of Oakland while their teachers went on strike for seven days to successfully win a new contract.

There are 37,000 students and around 3,000 members of the OEA, and the vast majority of these students depend on free or reduced lunches, so this project was a critical show of solidarity with the Oakland community. During the strike, fewer than three percent of Oakland students crossed the picket line, and 95 percent of teachers were on the pickets. The meals we provided helped this historic strike keep the picket lines strong and built solidarity across the teachers, students, families, and community of Oakland. As a result of the strike, the OEA win a stronger contract that was a major victory in the movement to defend public education in Oakland.

Thanks to our 3,400 donors, dozens of partner organizations, and hundreds of local volunteers, Bread for Ed was able to

  • Raise more than $172,000 in funds from all over the country
  • Provide more than 4,000 meals per day to students all over Oakland
  • Provide thousands more meals to striking teachers and community members are daily rallies 

We also want to specifically thank our partner organizations who made this project a reality.

✊ Supporting Organizations ✊

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