Fight for Universal Rent Control in Hayward

Are you a Hayward resident or work in Hayward? Are you just fed up with rising housing costs? Are your neighbors facing displacement from the Bay Area?

Working-class people from across the East Bay are struggling to afford housing as more and more of their paychecks go towards paying the rent. Million-dollar price tags make homeownership out of reach for long-time renters, and many of our neighbors have lost their homes altogether โ€” ending up couch-surfing, sleeping in their cars, or staying in tents on the street.

In Hayward, we have a powerful tool at our disposal: rent control. A strong rent control ordinance can limit rent increases to the rate of inflation, protecting tenants with low or fixed incomes from eviction and displacement.

Land in the Bay Area is extremely valuable โ€” thanks to our collective efforts to build up our communities, improve our parks and streets, and spend taxpayer dollars on transportation and infrastructure. We canโ€™t let corporate landlords extract that value from the pockets of tenants by raising rents and charging more than the cost of maintenance.

East Bay DSA is organizing locally in coalition with the Hayward Collective for universal rent control, an end to the decontrol process, and stronger tenant protections. Help us make sure housing isn't an investment for absent billionaires and landlords at the expense of working people.

Join us at the following events to meet other Hayward residents and build collective power.

  • June 4 and June 11, and other dates TBA: 4:30โ€“6:30 p.m.: Weekly canvassing at Hayward BART
  • June 15 at 12 p.m.: Community picnic at Weekes Park, 27182 Patrick Ave.
  • June 18 at 6:15 p.m.: City Council vote on amending the rent control ordinance, Hayward City Hall, 777 B St.
  • Other events TBA

Contact to get involved in making rent control a reality in Hayward!