The People’s Transit Alliance

The People’s Transit Alliance (PTA) emerged from Jovanka Beckles’ successful campaign to the AC Transit Board in November 2020. PTA continues to work with her and to fight for green, fare-free transit, good union jobs, and an accessible transit system that prioritizes working-class and transit-reliant riders. 

Along the way, the Alliance works with transit coalitions such as the Voices for Public Transportation and other Bay Area activists and progressive candidates on transit related issues such as restoring service to pre-pandemic levels, bringing to the table socialist solutions and strategies.

We are always looking for comrades to join us and are particularly in need of these roles:

  • Writers - We publish a monthly bulletin and it’s a great format for someone who loves writing and having a consistent volunteer rhythm and expectation. We also need writers for writing press releases, media advisories, and occasional articles on transit topics from a socialist lens. For online and print distribution.
  • Watchdogging - We attend AC Transit meetings every other Wednesday evening and give public comment on important agenda items. Our work always benefits from having more voices at these meetings! The Tuesday before a meeting we review the agenda together, discuss the issues and have a lively chat during the meetings themselves. We also occasionally attend MTC (Metropolitan Transit Commission) meetings and give public comments.
  • Fare-free researchers and proposal writers - We’re currently researching and drafting a ballot measure to have free fares, more service and reimagined public safety at AC Transit. We are particularly on the look out for comrades with legal background.
  • Social Media - Always love to have more comrades feeding into our Twitter feed.
  • Meme Lord - Everyone loves memes!

Previous experience is not always needed if there is a willingness to be active and to learn! We aim to actively mentor.

More information can be found at our website and you can email us at