AJ A Candidate Statement - Recording Secretary

In my time in DSA so far, I’ve been tasked with our merchandising, as well as becoming the Office Manager and getting our new office organized. Part of that role in light of the coronavirus has been setting up our digital platform (via Zoom) and communicating the information to the committees in a timely manner so that we can continue to work and organize our communities in this important time.

Our chapter has demonstrated its power to face down and beat back economic austerity through supporting the OEA strike, and to achieve great political victories like winning the East Bay for Bernie. Our COVID-response organizing builds on those by assisting workers organizing for safer conditions and more pay. Workers can win their material interests, and my vision for the chapter is one that supports that struggle.

As a member of the steering committee I want to-

  • Create customizable, centralized materials that our chapter can use through a new branching structure. I believe that building branches can more formally expand our chapter into working class cities such as Hayward and Richmond in a way that provides organizers there with resources.
  • Permanently expand access to committees through digital media like Zoom for live events, as well as Youtube streams and recordings for public meetings.
  • Prioritize building on the momentum of the Bernie Campaign by strengthening our Member Engagement committee’s Mobilizer program and hosting more frequent introductory meetings.
  • Support our members’ efforts to organize our unorganized worksites, while also helping our most vulnerable people and communities by providing strategic mutual aid tied to our political campaigns.

I’m proud to be running with my comrades on the Organize for Power slate to help create this vision for our chapter!