Candidate Statement: Alex S - At Large

We are living through strange, tumultuous times, defined by a deep civilizational crisis that is global in scope and shaped by ecological, social, economic and political contours. Our task is to do everything in our power to make possible a socialist revolution in our lifetimes, maybe even in the next decade or two. There are many obstacles in our path, but the good news is that our socialist movement is more numerous than it has been in decades. I have hope that we will find a way to fight through those obstacles together. If elected to the East Bay DSA steering committee, I would attempt to meet my responsibilities with dedication and inspiration. 

I am a behavioral specialist working in Berkeley public schools, an active unionist and a member of the Berkeley Council of Classified Employees -- AFT local 6192. I have been a participant in the socialist movement in the Bay Area since 2004. I joined East Bay DSA last August and I have since become an active member of the labor committee and the political education committee.

Please consider voting for me and the other members of the Wave Slate, Erica W and Emma WB. 

Our perspective is defined by a few common positions:

  1. Mass strikes and social uprisings are the primary mode of doing socialist politics, East Bay DSA can organize to make these events more possible and to push them further when they occur. 
  2. An independent socialist party is an important goal in itself, East Bay DSA can do more now to help build one by preparing to support slates of indendent socialist candidates.
  3. Anti-racism and internationalism are essential. We should promote affirmative action in East Bay DSA.

You can get in touch with us and learn more about our perspective and plans at