Candidate Statement: Carlos O. - At Large

Hello, my name is Carlos Ocasio, I am running for the Steering Committee.

I currently serve as Recording Secretary for the Racial Solidarity Committee, and I‘m currently a lead for the Classroom Justice Now campaign, a campaign group formed to combat the attempts of privatizing schools in Oakland by billionaires and gentrifiers while also promoting positive change to the school system.

I’m an East Bay Native, born in Oakland and raised in Alameda. I love making art and writing stories. I am a substitute teacher for Oakland Unified School District.

My vision is to amplify egalitarianism, populism, and direct-democracy, which, I believe can only be accomplished though direct communication that is easily accessible and digestible to the masses. East Bay DSA, was a starting point for my own development in political knowledge.

My visions for our chapter:

  • To form a Health and Safety body to provide measures promoting physical and mental well-being and prepare members for the challenges we face from environmental and social situations.
  • To revive the DSA online forum where debates over contested issues return to a formal moderated stage, and, ideally, help to set up future resolutions, informational campaigns, night school, articles for East Bay Majority outlet, subjects for the Art Caucus, etc.
  • To form guides that help new members easily navigate the chapter.
  • To strengthen relationships between the committees and caucuses within DSA, and between the outside chapters, organizations and individuals.

Let us realize East Bay DSA’s true potential. I ask for both your vote and constant support. I believe it will be through the DSA that a just society is possible.