Candidate Statement: Emma W.B. - At Large

It’s a challenging moment as we face a global pandemic and economic crisis. Thankfully, there is a glimmer of hope in the emerging struggles of workers and oppressed people who are resisting a system that puts profit over human life.  

As the right uses this moment to further their anti-immigrant, white nationalist agenda, we know that socialism is the answer to this crisis. Where the right fails to meaningfully address the crisis, left politics and organizing can resonate powerfully as millions are questioning the status quo and raising their expectations for what’s possible.  

In order to take some steps forward, we in East Bay DSA must adopt a struggle orientation that sees workplaces, neighborhoods, and the streets as the primary arena of struggle. We need an independent party and can do more to prepare for this in the here and now. We must participate in and support anti-racist and internationalist organizing as an indispensable part of the fight for socialism. 

As our chapter navigates the terrain ahead, we will be strengthened by the active participation of every member and by open discussion and debate. If elected to Steering Committee, I would take a comradely and earnest approach to my duties.  

I found my way into radical politics through Students for Justice in Palestine a decade ago. I have participated in the Bay Area socialist movement for the past 5 years. I joined East Bay DSA last August and have since become a member of the Political Education Committee and helped organize the chapter’s participation in the No War with Iran protests. I am a nursing student. 

Please consider voting for me and the other members of the Wave Slate, Erica W and Alex S. Learn more at