Candidate Statement: Matt S. - Co-chair

East Bay DSA is at a critical point, poised between our successful Bernie campaign and a challenging year marked by the pandemic, economic recession, and political crisis.

I’m running for Co-Chair because I believe we can rise to these challenges. Together, we can build an organization rooted in the multiracial working class and primed to build an independent party in the coming years.

I joined East Bay DSA in 2017 because I saw close family and friends struggling to pay bills and secure healthcare — and I began to understand the need to build a real political alternative to the neoliberal consensus.

Since joining DSA, I’ve been proud to lead mass campaigns that advance that vision. I launched our DSA for Bernie campaign as a founding Co-Chair of the 2020 Committee, built the Jovanka Beckles field operation that knocked 18,000 doors, and drove all across California as a Regional Organizer for our M4A campaign. I also currently serve as an At-Large Steering Committee Member and on DSA’s National Electoral Committee, where I help organize DSA’s elected officials.

This year, I’m committed to organizing our chapter to strategically build worker power and militancy. Together, we must:

  • Commit to a rank-and-file strategy to rebuild the left-wing “militant minority” of the labor movement
  • Confront racist responses to the pandemic by supporting frontline worker organizing and campaigning against austerity
  • Build mass communications platforms like Majority to reach new audiences
  • Grow and diversify East Bay DSA through mobilizers, leadership development, and active recruitment
  • Unite the Bernie movement to lay the groundwork for a future independent party

I’m proud to run on the Bread & Roses slate, and I’m committed to working with comrades across all tendencies to build DSA. I would be honored to serve as Co-Chair and humbly ask for your support. Solidarity forever!