Candidate Statement: Miguel B. - At Large

Bernie’s campaign was key to my political activation. It finally felt like there was a candidate who directly spoke to the issues I grew up dealing with but felt guilty or ashamed for vocalizing. In my youth, I lacked health insurance and can attest to the dread of having a medical condition affecting my entire family. DSA took that sentiment and turned it into action. I’m running to be an At-Large member on the Steering Committee with the Bread & Roses slate because I want to expand and develop diversity in our organization and build connections to the multiracial working class to fight for policies like Medicare for All.

I joined DSA late last year, looking to enact change rather than sit on the sidelines and began work with the DSA for Bernie Campaign. Thinking I would only work behind the scenes, I began traveling from my home in Hayward to attend the canvasses DSA was organizing. Shortly after, I began serving as Co-Chair of the 2020 Committee, despite never having done anything like that previously. After encountering people at countless doors, I’ve learned there is an enormous hunger for the policies that Bernie platformed among the working class across the country.

I know that these policies are to the benefit of the multiracial working class rather than the elite few, and for that reason it will be a tough road ahead. However, like any challenge, we can accomplish it when we act as one, standing in solidarity. I’ve personally seen a transformation within myself and strive to see that same change take place in everyone fighting with those that will fight for a better world. And I'm proud that in just a few months, I went from being a new member with very little organizing experience to now Co-Chair of the 2020 Committee helping to lead and organize.