2020 Electoral Endorsements

Current Endorsements

Bernie Sanders for President of the United States

For five decades, Bernie Sanders has fought for the well-being of ordinary working people against the interests of the elite few. We believe that a Bernie Sanders presidency is our best shot at fighting economic exploitation, racial and gender inequality, war, poverty, and climate destruction. It is also our best chance at building the mass antiracist movement we need to defeat Donald Trump. Learn more>>

Schools & Communities First

We are joining militant educators all across the state such as United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA), and our beloved Oakland Educators Association (OEA) to support the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020. This act would raise $11 billion for the state of California by reforming Proposition 13 (1978) and raising taxes on certain business properties. Of this, $4.5 billion will go to California schools, and the rest will go to local governments.

Endorsement Process

The 2020 Coordinating Committee will appointed an Endorsements Subcommittee (hereafter “the subcommittee”) of the 2020 Super Committee to oversee all electoral endorsements by East Bay DSA for the 2020 election cycle. 

Candidate Selection

The subcommittee will be empowered to seek out candidates and ballot measures of strategic importance to East Bay DSA and the socialist movement to be agendized at a general meeting for endorsement consideration.

Candidates or ballot measures may only be considered for endorsement by the chapter if

  1. The subcommittee proactively researches and vets them for an endorsement vote at a general meeting, or
  2. The Steering Committee refers a candidate or ballot measure to the subcommittee for research, or
  3. 25 East Bay DSA members, who have been in good standing for at least 60 days before submission, sign a petition asking the subcommittee to consider that candidate or ballot initiative.

No candidates or ballot measures may be agendized for endorsement consideration by East Bay DSA at a general meeting without first being researched and vetted by the subcommittee.


  1. Candidates or ballot measures running in the California Primary Election on March 3, 2020 must receive an endorsement from East Bay DSA by our October General Meeting. Requests from the Steering Committee or East Bay DSA members for a candidate or ballot measure report must be submitted to the Endorsement Subcommittee by September 7, 2019.
  2. Currently, no timeline is set for endorsement of candidates or ballot measures running in the California General Election on November 8, 2020.

Subcommittee Report

The subcommittee will prepare a comprehensive report on each candidate or ballot measure it reviews, including a recommended support plan if the chapter should choose to endorse. The subcommittee will deliver its report to the membership before a general meeting in which candidates or representatives will be invited to speak and field questions from the membership. 

The endorsement will then be deliberated and put to a vote by the general membership at that meeting.

Endorsement Criteria

The subcommittee will use the following criteria as overarching guidelines throughout the 2020 election cycle.

  1. The candidate is a vocal supporter of campaigns and positions articulated in East Bay DSA’s priority resolution to be passed by the membership at the 2019 Local Convention; the candidate vocally supports campaigns for Medicare for All, rent control & social housing, a Green New Deal, College for All, progressive taxation, and campaigns against racist school closures and privatization.
  2. The candidate supports other electoral campaigns endorsed by East Bay DSA, including Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president.
  3. The candidate, or ballot campaign committee, accept no corporate campaign donations nor financial support from corporate PACs, and are experienced in waging open struggle against capitalist interests. 
  4. The candidate is rooted in and supported by significant working-class forces and by working-class and progressive organizations.
  5. The candidate has a record of fighting against all forms of oppression on the basis of race, gender, or any social category that serve to rationalize oppression and divide the working class.
  6. As such East Bay DSA can, through campaigning for these candidates or initiatives, collaborate with working-class and progressive organizations to spread class consciousness and socialist ideas to thousands or tens of thousands, growing an organic social base for our politics.
  7. The candidate openly identifies as a democratic socialist and employ anti-capitalist rhetoric, especially in campaign materials and public communications. The candidate is a dues-paying member of DSA.
  8. The candidate openly and regularly participates in DSA activities.
  9. Ballot Initiatives will be evaluated by the direct impact they would have in advancing East Bay DSA’s priorities should they be enacted into law.

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