Trump-Proof the Bay Area! Building the Socialist Resistance

Trump-Proof the Bay Area! Building the Socialist Resistance

The Left is coming together in the wake of the chaotic Trump administration. Bernie Sanders brought a mass movement together through his campaign, and we've seen some of the largest protests in US history, just in 2017 so far. Although the Democratic Party establishment has made some overtures to this movement through the "better deal" program, they refuse to take concrete steps to prove any motion towards the Left, like rejecting corporate money or embracing single-payer healthcare.

So how do we take the movement forward? Socialists and the Left can lead the way. The Republicans may control the federal government, but we can establish footholds in cities or even states, all over the country, and build progressive strongholds. Trump is trying to attack the working class and lower our living standards so he can enrich his billionaire friends.

However, we can Trump-proof the Bay Area by building local, working-class power, and winning concrete gains. We can start by taxing the rich, building affordable housing, ending homelessness, establishing REAL sanctuary cities, winning single-payer universal healthcare, and stopping police brutality. We can win all this and more by electing independents and socialists to local office who reject corporate money\ and through unified action based on a movement of the working-class and oppressed people.

Socialist Alternative Bay Area and the San Francisco chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America are hosting this event to bring the left together and Trump-proof the Bay Area.


  • Kshama Sawant: The socialist Seattle city councilmember and member of Socialist Alternative
  • Gayle McLaughlin: Former Green party mayor of Richmond and current independent and corporate-free candidate for the Lieutenant Governor's race
  • Jeremy Gong: Member of the DSA National Political Committee and the East Bay DSA

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September 16, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m.
Oakland Peace Center
111 Fairmount Ave
Oakland, CA 94611
United States
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