Mass Strikes and the Coronavirus, featuring David McNally

April 28, 2020

Mass strikes have played a central role in the history of left movements, and they have long captured the imagination of socialists and other radicals. Mass strikes represent the explosion of class struggle outside of a single workplace or industry, bringing the working classes of entire cities or countries into revolt against the prevailing order. Such occurrences can act as the catalyst for significant pro-worker reforms, or even lead to revolution.

Recent movements against austerity in France and Chile show that mass strikes are far from a thing of the past. And with the coronavirus causing a global social and economic crisis, along with sparking an upsurge in labor militancy, it’s not hard to imagine similar events breaking out in the U.S. or across the world.

Join East Bay DSA’s Socialist Night School on Tuesday, April 28 on Zoom for a discussion of the history and theory of mass strikes, with a focus on drawing lessons for the current crisis.

“General Strikes, Mass Strikes,” Kim Moody
Excerpts from “Depression Decade,” Strike!, Jeremy Brecher
“The Great Minneapolis Strikes,” The History of American Trotskyism, James P. Cannon
“Even in a Pandemic, Workers Can Fight Back,” Nick French

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When: April 28, 2020, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
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