Tax the Rich: Prop 15 Banner Drop

October 9, 2020

Come out and help with Prop 15 freeway overpass banner drops on October 9 during rush hour (4 - 6 pm) to publicize the importance of this ballot measure and urge the passing motorists to vote YES on Prop 15.  This will be a socially distant, masked event as we make a public statement less than a month before the election, and just days after ballots are mailed out to voters, that corporations and wealthy Californians must pay their fair share of taxes to support public schools and services. 


Help thousands of drivers and passengers to see the message and build some social media amplification!


We will occupy 8 overpasses with 12 banners, and need a total of at least 36 people (3 per banner, five is nicer to hold a sign or two alongside and take pics) to run the show.


RSVP and someone will be in touch about which overpass we'll need support at!


When: October 9, 2020, 4:00pm - 6:00pm
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