PRO Act Launch!

March 30, 2021

We face the worst economic crisis in years and a climate crisis that is already wreaking havoc, from polar vortex-induced blackouts in Texas to raging fires here in California. Both crises are caused by capitalism: an economic system that prioritizes private profits for a few over the basic needs of the vast majority.

Only an organized and radicalized working class can win transformative reforms like the Green New Deal, and that’s why we need all hands on deck for DSA’s national campaign to pass the PRO Act, the most pro-worker piece of legislation in decades!

What does the PRO Act do anyway? It:

Fights AGAINST prop 22 - closing the contractor loophole
ENDS right-to-work laws across the country, enabling unions to collect dues from workers they represent
Ends prohibition on secondary strikes
Allows NLRB to certify unions based on card check if the employer interferes in the election
Outlaws union-busting tactics!
Gives undocumented workers access to the NLRB for the first time
THIS WEEK members from chapters all over the country are going to be calling into key states in order to put pressure on those senators to support workers' rights and the PRO act.

Sign up for a national phone bank here:

Our local EBDSA Campaign is launching on Tuesday, March 30, 7-9 pm! We’re gonna do a short explainer on the campaign and then break out into groups to talk about direct action, labor outreach, comms, member engagement, and more!

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When: March 30, 2021, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
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