Bay Area Pass the PRO Act Town Hall

April 27, 2021

As socialists, we know that capitalism is incompatible with a livable planet, and as long as the twisted logic of the profit motive rules, workers will face exploitation and low wages.

For too long workers and the climate movement have been pitted against each other but the truth is, we’re gonna need a strong, militant labor movement to win transformative reforms like the Green New Deal and secure a future for each other and the planet!

The PRO Act is a bill that will dramatically improve labor laws in this country. The PRO Act fights against prop 22 - closing the contractor loophole. It ends right-to-work laws across the country, enabling unions to collect dues from workers they represent. It outlaws union-busting tactics and gives undocumented workers access to the NLRB! The bill has already passed the house, and just 5 senators stand in the way!

Bay Area chapters including San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and East Bay DSA are coming together to host a big Bay Area Pass the PRO Act Town Hall, where we’ll hear from local labor organizers, elected leaders and environmental justice organizations about how you can get involved in national phonebanks and a big May Day action!


When: April 27, 2021, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
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