Gavin Keep Your Promise: Guarantee Healthcare for All

April 26, 2021

45,000 people die from not having health insurance each year, even before the pandemic. It's time for those in power to put an end to this unnecessary death and deliver on their campaign promises.

Join Sacramento DSA and East Bay DSA for a "die-in" at the State Capitol demanding guaranteed healthcare for all in California.

After several months of phone banking and canvassing, we are headed to the Capitol to raise the stakes and up the pressure on our legislators.

Our Governor and state representatives must decide which side they are on — will they keep taking dirty money from the insurance industry, or will they side with working-class communities demanding a better system?

Our campaign has three demands for Governor Newsom:

  1. Publicly support AB-1400 aka “CalCare”
  2. Seek the necessary federal waiver to fund a single-payer healthcare system
  3. Refuse donations from the healthcare insurance industry

Learn more about our campaign here:


When: April 26, 2021, 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Where: California State Capitol 10th and L Sts, Sacramento, CA, 95814
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