Virtual Mask Build

April 28, 2021

Sign up for East Bay DSA's virtual mask assembly party! Vaccines are rolling out, but new, potentially more dangerous variants are taking root. The U.S. continues to experience PPE shortages, especially of high-grade face masks which are one of the simplest, cheapest methods to dramatically cut infections. The failures of the capitalist system are devastating clear. But with mutual aid, we can take the safety and wellbeing of our community into our own hands, while developing relationships across the East Bay and building our own organizational power.

We will be assembling hundreds of no-sew, submicron "N85" masks for distribution with community partners, including the tenants' union TANC. All we need is your help! 

This is a great event for new members to attend. Training and materials are delivered to your door (!), no experience necessary. During the build, we'll hang out on a online call together to talk about mutual aid, socialism, and whatever else you'd like to!

--> Please RSVP at the link below several days before the build so we provide materials via a touchless kit drop-off at your door! We request that attendees commit to both the April 21 and April 28 mask builds.



When: April 28, 2021, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: Oakland, CA
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