šŸŒ¹Last Day to Vote in the Berkeley Rent Board Convention

July 16, 2022

Request your ballot by Friday, July 8 atĀ bit.ly/2022BallotRequest!


Select the progressive, pro-tenant Berkeley Rent Board slate!

Tenants, homeowners, and those small landlords who fully supportĀ tenants' rights - including rent control and eviction protections -Ā are seeking candidates for the November 2022 Rent Board election. TheĀ sponsors of this yearā€™s convention are the Berkeley Berkeley TenantsĀ Union, Friends of Adeline, the East Bay Democratic Socialists ofĀ America, the Young Democratic Socialists of America ā€“ UC Berkeley, OurĀ Revolution East Bay, Healthy Black Families, Berkeley Citizens Action,Ā the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, the Gray Panthers, the GreenĀ Party, SEIU 1021, the Center for Independent Living, and the newĀ Berkeley Progressive Alliance.

Berkeley's Rent Stabilization Board plays a vital role in ensuringĀ fair rental prices and decent living conditions. The Board servesĀ renters and landlords alike and is known throughout the state for theĀ breadth and quality of its services.

This year there will be FIVE Rent Board seats on the ballot. At theĀ convention, each aspiring commissioner will share with you theirĀ experience, philosophy, and goals.

All who fully support tenantsā€™ rights - including rent control andĀ strong tenant protections - are welcome to seek selection as aĀ convention candidate!

All 2022 candidates will be vetted and chosen by the Rent BoardĀ Convention taking place online on Wednesday, June 29 from 7 PM to 9 PM.Ā This will be followed by online voting (or by paper ballot for thoseĀ without the internet) through Friday, July 15 (the link to request aĀ ballot will be released shortly). Knowledge of and experience withĀ rent control, eviction protections, and other tenant issues is notĀ mandatory but is certainly a plus for candidates.

A mandatory interview by representatives from sponsoring organizationsĀ takes place in early June (likely two dates between June 4 and JuneĀ 11), so candidates should keep their schedule clear during thisĀ window.

The questionnaire/candidate packet can be found atĀ bit.ly/2022CandidatePacket, and must be completed by SUNDAY, MAY 22;Ā ratings will be based on the questionnaire, as well as the follow-upĀ interview. Ratings and comments from community leaders are provided toĀ convention voters to help guide their choices.

To vote at the Convention, you must be a Berkeley resident at leastĀ thirteen years old (including college/university students, unhousedĀ residents, non-citizens, and other persons ineligible to registerĀ to vote) who fully supports tenantsā€™ rights.Ā  Per law, to run for theĀ Berkeley Rent Board you must be registered to vote in Berkeley.

Anyone interested in running should contactĀ berkeleytenantsconvention@gmail.com.

Please consider making a donation to help us cover all of our costs.Ā To donate, go toĀ www.berkeleytenants.orgĀ and click the yellow "Donate"Ā button in the upper right corner of the website's homepage (pleaseĀ type "Convention" in the "Add a message to BTU" line). If you areĀ currently in Berkeley and would prefer to make a donation by cash orĀ check (which lets us avoid paying a transaction fee), you can emailĀ berkeleytenantsconvention@gmail.comĀ to have someone come pick up yourĀ donation in person (we'll do so in a way that maintains proper socialĀ distancing).

ā€¢ Sunday, May 22: Candidate questionnaire is due
ā€¢ Early June (likely two dates within 6/4 - 6/11): Mandatory candidate interview
ā€¢ Wednesday, June 29 at 7-9 PM: Convention occurs on Zoom
ā€¢ Monday, July 11: Last day to request a ballot
ā€¢ Saturday, July 16: Last day to vote


ā€¢ Website:Ā berkeleytenantsconvention.net
ā€¢ Email:Ā berkeleytenantsconvention@gmail.com
ā€¢ Facebook Event:Ā bit.ly/2022RentBoardConvention
ā€¢ Convention Recording:Ā bit.ly/2022ConventionRecording
ā€¢ Candidate Questionnaire Responses:Ā bit.ly/2022CandidateQuestionnaires
ā€¢ Candidate Ratings and Evaluations:Ā bit.ly/2022RentBoardScreenings
ā€¢ Request an ELECTRONIC Ballot:Ā bit.ly/2022BallotRequest
ā€¢ Request a PAPER Ballot:Ā bit.ly/2022PaperBallotRequest


When: July 16, 2022, 12:00am - 11:59pm
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