Labor and the Working Class #4 - A Socialist Theory of Unions

Labor Committee

May 29, 2024

Why should socialists organize their workplace? Why should workplace organizers be socialists? These are questions socialists and workplace organizers (and people who are both) have grappled with for nearly two centuries!

East Bay DSA's Labor Committee is putting on this 7 part series for the third time, updated to incorporate recent developments in the American labor movement. The series will explore fundamental concepts of socialism, the history of the labor movement and the United States, and socialist labor strategy, and will meet roughly every other week on zoom and in-person. You can check out the curriculum here to find out what to read, watch, or listen to for each session. RSVP for zoom link and a reminder email.

People who are getting serious about organizing within their workplace or union, or who are thinking about how to inject politics into their workplace organizing, are especially encouraged to attend.

You are also encouraged to spread the word to other people you know who are organizing in their workplace and are interested in the history of the US labor movement and how those lessons can be applied to organizing today. Attendance at prior sessions is not required but attendees are encouraged to follow along with the material as well as they are able!


When: May 29, 2024, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Where: East Bay DSA Office & Zoom - 1610 Harrison Street Suite D, Oakland, CA, 94612
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