General Membership Meeting: December 6th, 2020

December 2020 EBDSA General Meeting Agenda 

East Bay DSA 

General Meeting

December 6th, 2020 

1 pm - 3 pm  

Settle In/Welcome

The meeting was called to order by Allie L. at 1:05 pm

Approval of the Agenda & Rules

Special Meeting rules passes 63-1

Agenda passes 75-0

New Business

Campaign to Win California Single-Payer and Medicare for All

Submitted by: Eric V., Luke T. on behalf of the M4A committee 

Whereas East Bay DSA voted to ratify the “Campaign to Win California Single-Payer and Medicare for All” Priority Resolution at its Annual Convention in 2020;

Whereas the chapter’s Medicare for All Committee (M4A Committee) reconvened in November with substantial attendance, enough to justify working groups, and with an agreed-upon primary strategy to launch a statewide petition to Governor Newsom, for him to request the necessary waivers from the Biden administration to enact single payer healthcare at the state level;

Whereas the Steering Committee unanimously approved one of the Committee’s first steps, “Resolution to Renew Affiliation with the Healthy California Now coalition”;

Whereas the M4A Committee, has since formed the following three working groups: Petition & Actions (writing and publishing the petition, designing outreach strategy, planning online and direct actions); Engagement (power mapping, developing the committee, phonebanking, affiliating with external organizations); Media (Majority, social media, video campaign);

Therefore be it resolved that the M4A Committee, through its working groups and as a whole, will request collaboration with various Chapter groups to develop and carry out its tactics, e.g. Communications, Member Engagement, Political Education, Labor, and Racial Solidarity; 

Therefore be it resolved that our chapter’s M4A Committee will align with other similar committees in DSA chapters throughout California, as well as other existing single-payer advocacy organizations as represented in Healthy California Now, to form an alliance on this campaign to petition Governor Newsom, to be supported by DSA’s National Medicare for All Committee — with the intent to launch the campaign and petition by Inauguration Day; 

Therefore be it resolved that the M4A Committee, locally and through the statewide alliance, will also build support in unions for this campaign, as well as build support with organizations not traditionally represented in the single payer movement, especially BIPOC-led and -centered;  

Therefore be it resolved that the M4A Committee will escalate and diversify its tactics as necessary, including: pressuring the Healthy California for All Commission — convened by the Governor and State Legislature to explore a health care delivery system — to recommend single payer; agitate against insurance and pharmaceutical companies; support legislative campaigns like the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act (H.R. 6906, Rep. Pramila Jayapal), and State-Based Universal Healthcare Act (H.R. 5010, Rep. Ro Khanna); agitate for reproductive justice and sexual health as principles of universal healthcare. 

Motivated by Jasmine R. and Molly S.

Joe B. and Eric V. spoke in favor.

There were no speakers against.

Vote to end debate passes 84-6

Vote to adopt the resolution "Campaign to Win California Single-Payer and Medicare for All"  passes 93-7

Labor Committee Jobs Program and Census

Molly A. and Annika B. provided the update on Jobs Program.

Rank and File Strategy

Jobs Program Interest Form

Labor Census Link

Membership Engagement Presentation

Andrew R. and Sam C. presented “How to do a one-on-one”

  • Organizing is about relationships
  • The goal of a one-on-one conversation is to help a person articulate their self interest and how that relates to DSA, and then we make an ask
  • In a one-on-one we hope to learn their political self interest, organizing self interest, build a trusting relationship, gain clarity about their own self interest, and gather knowledge
  • Set clear boundaries, meet at a neutral location, limit to 1 hour, do more listening than talking, take detailed notes, and follow up!
  • Sign up to be a part of Mobilizers group
  • Thursday December 17th event- How to Survive the Holidays (tentative)

International Updates

  • Aarti S. gave an update on India
  • Abigail GG gave an update on Chile
  • Gaston gave an update on Thailand as well as an update on how to get involved with the DSA International Committee

Committee and Member Announcements

Treasurer Report

  • About $17,000 in the bank currently
  • About 120 monthly donors, average donation of $17 dollars

Zach B. gave an update on a global day of action for Yemen (January 25th)

Robb G. gave an update on Direct Action Trainings

Sarak K gave an update on AFROC

Will S. gave an update for the Medicare for All Committee Meeting +


The meeting was adjourned at 2:48 pm

Email Votes

Resolution to Appoint Kevin S. as Racial Solidarity Co-Chair

Submitted by the outgoing Racial Solidarity Committee Co-chairs

Whereas, previous Racial Solidarity Committee co-chairs, WY L., Hasan A. and Ashley P., either concluded their terms or stepped down,

Whereas, the Racial Solidarity Committee held elections at their September monthly general meeting and elected Kevin S. as co-chair,

Therefore be it resolved that the Steering Committee appoint Kevin S. to Racial Solidarity Committee co-chair.

This resolution passes 9-3-1 (No votes: AJ A., Rex LC, Luke T. Benny Z. Abstained)

Resolution to Recommend General Meeting Rules

Whereas, East Bay DSA has been developing rules and protocols for its virtual voting General Meetings and Convention over the past few months, and

Whereas, our 2020 Local Convention ran successfully using the Voting Interface tool from Philly DSA,

Therefore be it resolved, the East Bay DSA Steering Committee recommends the following special rules for adoption at our virtual voting General Meetings, and

Be it further resolved, that per Robert’s Rules, a quorum of the General Membership must approve the following special rules by a vote at the beginning of each voting General Meeting.

East Bay DSA General Meeting Rules

  1. Resolutions: An agenda with all relevant resolutions will be circulated to membership at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. 

  1. Motivation and Q&A: Each resolution will be motivated by one of its drafters, and there will be a short time agendized for clarifying questions and answers.

  1. Motions: Procedural motions will be taken through the Voting Interface at Motions must be seconded by another member stating “second” in the chat box to move to debate.

  1. Debate: Stack for debate will be taken in the Voting Interface as well. Members should indicate if they intend to speak for or against the motion (e.g. “Stack in favor of the motion”). Speakers will be given 90 seconds to speak on the resolution or motion on the floor.

  2. Amendments: There will be no floor amendments (or amendments to amendments) allowed during the meeting.

  1. Chat Box: During floor debate, the chat box may not be used for debate points, comments/questions, or other conversation during debate.

  1. Voting: Members must be present in the meeting to vote, and no proxy votes will be allowed. Votes will be conducted through the Voting Interface, which will only be accessible to dues-paid members.

  2. Expulsion: If a member consistently does not follow the special protocols and/or code of conduct, harasses the Chairs or other members, or otherwise is disruptive during the meeting, they may be removed from the Zoom meeting, per the Chairs’ discretion. Members will receive at least 1 warning before being removed from the meeting.

This passes 11-0-1 (Katie F. abstained, Benny Z. did not vote)