2017 DSA Convention

The Democratic Socialists of America's 2017 convention, the largest in history, will be in Chicago this year from August 3 through 6. East Bay DSA is sending 24 delegates to represent our more than 600 members.

As a national organization, DSA holds conventions every two years to debate the important political and structural issues pertinent to our organization and our movement. We in East Bay DSA have elected 24 delegates who will be voting on the following issues.

As we get closer to the convention, the amendments and proposals on which your delegates will be voting are being finalized and released. Here we will provide you with a timeline of what to expect and when. We'll update this page as more info becomes available so members and delegates can stay informed.

DSA Convention Delegate Resources

If you're attending this year's convention, here's almost everything you need to know. (East Bay DSA has no official position on deep-dish pizza.)

DSA Convention Procedures

DSA Convention Issues

Delegates should be familiar with these issues in order to debate these issues at the convention.

Note that this list is not exhaustive. Email info@eastbaydsa.org with other perspectives you would like to include here.

Electoral Strategy

Dues Proposal

Withdrawing from Socialist International

Boycott, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) Movement

March on Washington

Slates, Network, and Platform

Support Our Delegates

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