East Bay DSA Local Council Election Results

The results are in! East Bay DSA has a new Local Council thanks to the democratic efforts of our general membership and our many event volunteers.

Frances Reade addressing the East Bay DSA general membership

Local Council Members

  • Co-Chairs: Molly Armstrong and Mary Virginia Watson
  • Vice Chair: Frances Reade
  • Secretary: Ben Fife
  • Treasurer: Jeff Lee
  • Internal Organizers: Ahmed Kanna, Hannah Klein, and Robbie Nelson
  • External Organizers: Jess Dervin-Ackerman, Jamie Gardner, and Ari Marcantonio
  • At-Large Members: Jeremy Gong and Meagan Day

Learn more about our organizers and the roles that these positions play in the Local.

National Convention Delegates

We have elected the following members to represent East Bay DSA at the National Convention in Chicago this August (ranked in order of votes received).

Meagan Day, Jeremy Gong, Ahmed Kanna, Ari Marcantonio, Mary Virgina Watson, Molly Armstrong, Jess Dervin-Ackerman, Ben Fife, Hannah Klein, Frances Reade, Robbie Nelson, Jamie Gardner, Meagan Svoboda, Coleman Lukas, Marianela D'Aprile, Annika Bastacky, Rosa Obscurae-Astra, Michael Kaufman, Regina Larre Campuzano, Michael (Finnin) McCown, Susan Chacin, Mark Gabriel, Shannon Miller, and Sean Murphy.

Vote Tallies

As a thoroughly democratic body, and in the interest of transparency, the results of the election are provided here.

Local Council

Position Candidate Vote Count
Co-Chairs Molly Armstrong 169
  Mary Virginia Watson 160
Vice Chair Frances Reade 168
Secretary Ben Fife 168
Treasurer Jeff Lee 168
Internal Organizers Robbie Nelson 143
  Hannah Klein 136
  Ahmed Kanna 128
  Michael Kaufman 100
External Organizers Ari Marcantonio 165
  Jess Dervin-Ackerman 156
  Jamie Gardner 116
  Coleman Lukas 80
At-Large Members Meagan Day 149
  Jeremy Gong 137
  Rosa Obscurea-Astra 45
  John Reimann 17

National Delegates

Candidate Vote Count
Meagan Day 151
Jeremy Gong 146
Ahmed Kanna 143
Ari Marcantonio 138
Mary Virgina Watson 137
Molly Armstrong 137
Jess Dervin-Ackerman 131
Ben Fife 128
Hannah Klein 128
Frances Reade 125
Robbie Nelson 124
Jamie Gardner 122
Meagan Svoboda 116
Coleman Lukas 109
Marianela D'Aprile 104
Annika Bastacky 95
Rosa Obscurae-Astra 91
Michael Kaufman 85
Regina Larre Campuzano 74
Michael (Finnin) McCown 69
Susan Chacin 67
Mark Gabriel 63
Shannon Miller 61
Sean Murphy 60
Nestor Castillo 57
Dan Deck 45
Sean Durham 42
Tim Harrison 42
John Reimann 40
Michael Nye 38
James Nye 36
Nate Nicholson 31
Dominic Dagradi 28
Joey Kellner 24
Alexis Geoffrey 12