Fall 2017 Socialist School Recap

December 26, 2017 23:28

By Nicole Gounalis, Internal Recording Secretary, Socialist School

Around 50 comrades enrolled in the Fall Socialist School, which ran for four evening sessions at the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library in North Oakland from October 21 through November 13. The classes were well attended — between 30 and 40 members were present at each of the classes.

Four East Bay DSA comrades lectured and led discussions on four different topics of socialist thought and theory.

  • Robbie Nelson on class struggle
  • Trevor Jackson on capitalism's contradictions and crises
  • Ahmed Kanna on dispossession and forms of imperialism
  • Dan Deck on the state and civil society

Readings for the school consisted of one to two required articles from current socialist publications that were geared towards the novice reader and two sets of optional supplementary readings: longer, more academic articles and primary texts.

Comrades who attended the school reported that it was a positive experience that gave them further tools for understanding the path to socialism in our world. They also offered helpful feedback for improving the school in the future.

Stay tuned for information about how to get involved with the winter Socialist School to come in January!