Assembly District 15 Still Too Close to Call, but We Know What We've Accomplished

June 06, 2018 16:50

With thousands of votes still being counted and just 182 votes separating DSA member Jovanka Beckles from Dan Kalb in Assembly District 15, we still don't have final results from yesterday's primary — but we do know that our work on this campaign has been a win for democratic socialism and the working class!

Despite being up against corporate-backed candidates flooding the district with their message, Jovanka managed to out-perform two candidates who out-raised her people-powered campaign.

And DSA members STEPPED UP — in just the past couple weeks, we've knocked over 5,000 thousand of doors and made 2,500 calls!

Working people in the East Bay want a better future — a future with rent control, Medicare for All, and freedom from mass incarceration — a future in which the working class has a voice in Sacramento.

As the final numbers come in over the next few days, regardless of the result, we will do what Jovanka, quoting Harriet Tubman, encouraged us to do: "If you want a taste of freedom, keep going."