2019 Delegate Election Credentials Committee Report and Vote Count Data

July 23, 2019 20:06

On July 21, 2019, our Steering Committee unanimously approved a resolution that included public release of our 2019 delegate election vote count data. The resolution also approved changes to future election procedures and convention preparation, based on lessons from this round. The data released below confirms the vote count data was tallied accurately under the Modified Borda system, which members expected for this election. An Elections Methods Working Group of the Steering Committee will convene to recommend standard practices for election methods and data release going forward, for approval by the East Bay DSA general membership.

See the vote count data

Credentials Committee Report

The national DSA Credentials Committee conducted a thorough investigation of East Bay DSA's delegate election after a challenge was mounted by some members of our chapter. The Credentials Committee concluded:

The Committee believes that one of the strongest held values in DSA is that of local rule, where chapters are allowed many freedoms in determining their democratic processes and activities. So while ultimately East Bay’s delegate election may have contained serious flaws of which may require further deliberation and decision making within their chapter, their delegates election followed all rules required and did not demonstrate any malfeasance serious enough to warrant a national intervention. Thus, the Committee recommends that the credentials of the six named delegates from East Bay be upheld and that the respective challenge be overruled.

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