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Why Socialists Support Jovanka and Gayle

May 31, 2018

By Mike ParkerSocialists view inequality, social oppression, environmental destruction, and threat of war as inherent in our social system. We have to go beyond some reforms to the system and think in terms of how we change it. Elections are an important opportunity because, at least nominally, t...
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Early Census Results Released

May 08, 2018

In April, East Bay DSA launched its membership census to learn more about our membership. So far, 168 members (about 19 percent of our membership) have answered. See the attached PDF for the preliminary results. We'll publish the full results when they become available.See the preliminary results...
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East Bay DSA 2018 Convention Results

April 30, 2018

The East Bay DSA 2018 Convention has come to a close. This was a tremendous effort on behalf of the chapter's membership, including the candidates, authors and signatories of the two priorities resolutions, and the many volunteers who helped make the event possible.Priorities ResolutionThe member...
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Statement: Commitment to Ending Racism and Capitalism

April 06, 2018

Written March 12, 2017We are committed to the struggle against racism as part of the project of unifying the diverse working class and winning the fight to end capitalism. The deep tradition of anti-racist socialist movements has taught us that racism and capitalism are profoundly intertwined. It...
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2018 Priorities Resolutions Now Live

April 04, 2018

The priorities resolutions are now live! We received two resolutions, both of which are available on the East Bay DSA 2018 Convention site.The chapter will vote on these resolutions on April 29, 2018, at the first annual East Bay DSA convention. This is your chance as a member to help shape the w...
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Passed: Support for UC Union Contract Campaigns

April 03, 2018

On April 3, 2018, the East Bay DSA Steering Committee voted in favor of supporting the UC union contract campaigns. Below is the text of the resolution.Whereas, as socialists, the East Bay Democratic Socialists of America are committed to supporting working class struggle and the rights of workin...
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Commitment to Ending Racism and Capitalism

March 16, 2018

At the East Bay DSA Executive Committee (ExComm) meeting on March 12, 2017, the ExComm voted unanimously to endorse the Vision for Black Lives (V4BL) Policy platform. The full text of the endorsement is available in the East Bay DSA's Commitment to Ending Racism and Capitalism.
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Statement of Solidarity on the Murder of Marielle Franco

March 15, 2018

March 15, 2018On the night of March 14, 2018, Marielle Franco, a member of Brazil's Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL) and a city councillor in Rio de Janeiro, was brutally murdered, along with her driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes. All the evidence so far available, even that reported by the press, s...
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Recap: February 2018 General Membership Meeting

March 01, 2018

Written by Miguel DuarteAt our first general meeting of the year, more than 150 East Bay DSA members came together and voted to launch a campaign to repeal a statewide anti–rent control law and approve a new set of bylaws for the chapter.By near unanimous acclamation, our chapter joins with other...
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Recap: Labor Notes Fundraiser

January 29, 2018

The Labor Notes Fundraiser on January 20, sponsored by East Bay DSA and local labor unions, was a huge success! With more than 120 attendees, we raised more than $6,400! All proceeds will go to travel scholarships to send local, young, low-income workers to Chicago for the Labor Notes Conference ...
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