Current Campaigns

DSA Night School

East Bay DSA's priorities resolution, approved by the membership, outlines the work that the chapter engages in. In line with that document, East Bay DSA Night School regularly holds classes on a variety of topics to increase the political education of the membership around these issues.

Topics include


The onslaught of neoliberal austerity in education, crystalized by the wave of teachers' strikes that began in 2018, serve as a key terrain of struggle for socialists.

Readings on education

Housing Justice

Socialists have long been champions for social housing. Our demands include universal rent control to unite a mass working-class movement, and to ease the path to social housing.

Readings on housing justice

Climate Change

Capitalism is to blame for the climate disaster we all face. We need a bold vision of a good and livable future — and a political program to match.

Readings on climate change