How to form a Branch within East Bay DSA

Click here to read the resolution authorizing the creation of branches, which was overwhelmingly adopted by the chapter membership at the February 27, 2022 membership meeting. What follows below is a plain language summary combined with some practical tips. Requirements are italicized.

  1. Contact the Branches Working Group at for help and support in planning and putting on chapter sponsored events. 
  2. Think about what kind of work you think an East Bay DSA branch could accomplish in your area (organizing, socials, trainings, etc.), and talk to other members in your area about whether they’re also interested in forming a branch to pursue that type of work. Check out the chapter priorities and platform for inspiration
  3. Get a group of comrades together to draft a petition to the Steering Committee outlining what geographic area you think your Branch should cover (it must include at least 50 East Bay DSA members) and the names of at least three people who intend to run for a branch leadership position. See a template petition here. When the resolution is ready, send it to the Steering Committee via
  4. Present to the chapter Steering Committee.
  5. With approval from the Steering Committee, you’ll have a budget of $300 to hold at least 2 events in your proposed branch area within three months.
  6. During this time, you’ll also need to gather signatures from either 20% or 25 chapter members residing in the area to be covered by the branch, whichever is fewer (for a branch with exactly 50 members in the area this would require 10 signatures). 
  7. Once you’ve held the required events, submit the completed petition with the required number of signatures to the Steering Committee to be placed on a General Membership meeting agenda. 
  8. Present at the General Membership meeting. If the Membership votes in support of your petition, you have a branch!
  9. Hold an initial formal meeting of your branch to adopt your branch charter, and hold branch leadership elections to elect (at the least) branch co-chairs and a branch Recording Secretary.