Issues and Candidates, RPA's Strategy

  • Statement about: Jovanka Beckles
  • For these candidates: I support a strong endorsement with a commitment to "boots on the ground" support from DSA.
  • Summary: The RPA transformed Richmond with a very simple strategy.

Written by East Bay DSA member Zak Wear


As a member of DSA and a leader in the Richmond progressive movement, I am writing to share a summary of the core electoral strategy of the Richmond Progressive Alliance.

DSA members have rightly shared their concerns that endorsing and campaigning for candidates may distract from EBDSA's commitment to single payer healthcare. I fully encourage DSA members to lead door to door conversations with single payer healthcare. It will be the strongest way to introduce any candidate who DSA chooses to endorse and build our movement to transform California.

The RPA transformed Richmond with a very simple strategy. Lead campaigns with an issue that the community cares about and at the same time introduce corporate money-free candidates who can be trusted to stand on the voter's side of the issue.

Issues and candidates have a symbiotic relationship. Campaigning together improves campaign outcomes for both issues and candidates more than focusing on one or the other. Issue/Candidate hybrid engages and includes voters with different interests toward issues and candidates over time, and proved to build and retain RPA's base more than most grassroots groups.

Thank you,

Zak Wear


Democratic Socialists of America

Steering Committee, Member

Richmond Progressive Alliance

Campaign Manager

Jovanka Beckles for Assembly

The statement above is the opinion of its author and does not necessarily represent the opinions of East Bay DSA, its local council, or its members.