Where the work happens

East Bay DSA has many committees engaged in the important work of the chapter, addressing the needs of its members and the larger community.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee broadcasts socialist politics to the masses via the chapter's public channels and creates and maintains tools for members new and old to easily find information about the chapter and communicate with one another.

Electoral Campaigns Committee

The Electoral Campaigns Committee facilitates work on elections and ballot initiative campaigns endorsed by the chapter, assists the general membership in the endorsement process, and works to build up the chapter's capacity to run candidates and win elections as a tactic to achieve our democratically determined priorities and further the cause of socialism.

Labor Committee

The Labor Committee is a place where members of East Bay DSA can come to learn how to be more active in their union, learn more about the history and dilemmas of the labor movement, and support ongoing labor struggles in the East Bay! Socialists know that a revitalized labor movement is the key to mass socialist politics, and through organizing support, picket-line solidarity, and political education, the Labor Committee of East Bay DSA is committed to helping bring about that revitalization. 

Medicare for All Campaign Committee

The Medicare for All Committee organizes East Bay DSA's healthcare-related work. Our primary campaign is organizing for Medicare for All—a single, federal program that provides comprehensive coverage, free at the point of service to all U.S. residents, with a jobs program to ensure a just transition. We also campaign in support of the Healthy California Act (SB-562) to establish a single-payer system in California. As part of this work, our committee liaises with various coalition partners, develops healthcare organizers, and works to educate our members and community about socialism and healthcare.

Meetings Committee

The Meetings Committee is tasked with planning and executing general membership meetings. This includes logistics, turnout, budgets, and other more technical work, but also fielding questions from members, exploring other functions for meetings as needed by the chapter, and working to engage a higher percentage of the membership in democratic participation. The committee is composed of members who have taken formal lead roles in organizing meetings but is open to all, in that those roles rotate and all members are encouraged to volunteer for them. If you would like to volunteer to help put on our general meetings, you can sign up here!

Member Engagement Committee

The Membership Engagement Committee exists to encourage East Bay DSA members to sustain active participation in our organization. Through our mobilizer network, new member on-boarding processes, neighborhood organizing groups, and membership retention efforts, the Membership Engagement Committee enlists East Bay DSA members in the project of building our organization into a fighting force for working class politics that will stand the test of time.

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee keeps the chapter's data secure and make sure that the regular functions of the chapter, including email, the events calendar, and event sign-ins, works smoothly.

Political Education Committee

The Political Education Committee educates East Bay DSA members on socialist theory, history, and methodology through regularly occurring Socialist School classes and public lectures and events. Through these political education programs, socialist organizers will be able to understand their current context and their tasks ahead more clearly and gain the fluency they need to become public tribunes for socialism.

Public Education Committee

The work of the Public Education Committee includes supporting education workers’ organizing, opposing privatization and demanding increased state funding for K-12 schools, as well as fighting for tuition-free college and university and universal pre-K. We work in coalition with education unions and local community organizations to fight for fully-funded, tuition-free, high-quality education for all locally, statewide, and nationally. With the endless attacks on public education and decades of austerity measures, the work of this committee is constantly growing and evolving, and prioritizes the development of new organizers.

Racial Solidarity Committee

As socialists, we know that racism, imperialism, and capitalism go hand-in-hand. The Racial Solidarity Committee organizes to disentangle and shed light on the connections between racist and imperialist oppression and the capitalist paradigm which emisserates the working class as a whole.

We work to learn more about anti-racist movements of the past in order to apply lessons to today’s organizing.

We seek to make connections with anti-racist organizers in the leftist milieu to contribute a critical class consciousness while also learning how to address specific forms of oppression that affect our fellow comrades of color.

We cannot end racism and imperialism until we end capitalism - all working people, especially working people of color, have an interest in destroying capitalism and humanizing our society. True working class liberation must address the needs of people of color, and organized people of color must join broader anti-capitalist movements.


Social Housing Campaign Committee

The Social Housing Committee organizes East Bay DSA's campaign to repeal Costa-Hawkins, educate members and the general public on socialist housing perspectives, and develop organizers.