Block Cop Campus Campaign

Block Cop Campus

Since 2020, the police, the Parties, and Property have been clawing back what little progress was made by the George Floyd protests. But the revolutionary anti-racism embodied in those protests, the Ferguson uprising, the Rodney King riots, the Black Panthers—also inspired and enabled Atlanta to halt the construction of Cop City in Weelaunee Forest.

San Pablo’s $44 million Cop Campus already has numerous opponents, across the city and the entire Bay. Tenants and the unhoused, Palestinians and Afrikans, anarchists and socialists, unions and abolitionists—no one wants yet another police training facility in San Pablo… Except for the police, the Parties, and Property. Which is why they've now added promises of affordable housing to the copaganda bag of tricks; even as they plan to churn out union-busters and camp-clearers and school 'resource officers' all across the Bay.

Since 2020, the press and city councils have gone back to their political fawning and police training. But YOU don’t have to. Join the fight to make our streets ours.

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There are many abolitionist organizations working in the bay to fight against prisons and policing: Check out other organizations here.