What we're doing

East Bay DSA is comprised of hundreds of volunteers who work every week, even every day, to build a progressive community in the East Bay. DSA campaign work comes in many forms, including canvassing, calling, posting, and organizing among its members and the greater community.

Medicare for All

One of our first campaigns, DSA is fighting for Medicare for All, also known as single-payer healthcare, and we're winning. See the progress we're making and how you can get involved.

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Labor Support Rapid Response

Inspired by teacher, nurse, and city worker strikes? Excited to support rank-and-file workers on the picket line in the East Bay? Join the Labor Support Rapid Response system to be notified by the East Bay DSA Labor Committee via text message about strikes and public actions.

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Let's Own PG&E

Pacific Gas & Electric is the investor-owned utility in Northern California responsible for wildfires that have cost lives and property for thousands of working-class people. It's time to take PG&E under public and worker ownership to bring energy to everyone and ensure the safety of the infrastructure.

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Universal Rent Control in Hayward

East Bay DSA is organizing locally in coalition with the Hayward Collective for universal rent control, an end to the decontrol process, and stronger tenant protections. Help us make sure housing isn't an investment for absent billionaires and landlords at the expense of working people.

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