What we're doing

East Bay DSA is comprised of hundreds of volunteers who work every week, even every day, to build a progressive community in the East Bay. DSA campaign work comes in many forms, including canvassing, calling, posting, and organizing among its members and the greater community.

Support University of California Workers on Strike - Sign up >>

This November, University of California student workers are striking for livable wages and conditions. They’re tired of hearing from the UC that they’re just students, not workers, and that they should be honored to be exploited by such a prestigious university. So they’re demanding free transit, disability justice, childcare support, and more. EBDSA will stand with them on the picket line until they win a fair contract.

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Support Striking Workers

Do you want to get active in supporting workers in their struggles and fighting to grow and strengthen the labor movement? Do you want something to do RIGHT NOW? East Bay Labor Solidarity is a campaign to turn East Bay DSA into a valuable and powerful ally to the local labor movement, by showing up to support local struggles in ways both big and small. There is lots of work to do, and opportunities to get involved for members of any level of experience!

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Jobs Program

Most of us need to work alienating jobs in order to survive. We can bring purpose into that daily drudgery by organizing with our coworkers to win demands that improve our lives and communities. If you're looking for work, or looking for a way to put your socialism into practice at work and don’t think that’s viable at your current workplace, get a job to organize a workplace or strengthen existing unions with other East Bay DSA members at a strategic employer!

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Fair Budget El Cerrito

The city of El Cerrito is in dire financial straits but continues to invest nearly one third of its budget in policing, while laying off non-police unionized staff. Join this East Bay DSA campaign led by members living in El Cerrito to redirect funds from police to community services!

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Build Tenant Power

East Bay DSA is part of a coalition known as the Oakland Rent Strike Committee, which was formed in response to the conditions under Covid-19. Thousands of working class people have already lost their jobs or had their hours reduced throughout the East Bay. The City of Oakland has instituted the strongest eviction moratorium in the state, creating the most favorable conditions for tenants to withhold rent. This campaign will support and provide resources to members who are organizing their neighbors and those who share the same landlord. Whether you want to support the call for rent and mortgage cancellation, your building wants to organize a rent strike, or you're just starting to get to know your neighbors and explore what building tenant power could look like, we want to organize with you!

Fill out our housing survey, whether you live in Oakland or beyond, and we'll get in touch.