What we're doing

East Bay DSA is comprised of hundreds of volunteers who work every week, even every day, to build a progressive community in the East Bay. DSA campaign work comes in many forms, including canvassing, calling, posting, and organizing among its members and the greater community.

Block Cop Campus

Since 2020, the police, the Parties, and Property have been clawing back what little progress was made by the George Floyd protests. But that radicalism was what inspired and enabled Atlanta to halt the construction of Cop City in Weelaunee Forest. San Pablo’s Cop Campus will churn out union-busters and camp-clearers and school 'resource officers' all across the Bay. But it already has numerous opponents—tenants and the unhoused, Palestinians and Afrikans, anarchists and socialists, unions and abolitionists.

Join the fight to make our streets ours.

Support Striking Workers

Do you want to get active in supporting workers in their struggles and fighting to grow and strengthen the labor movement? Do you want something to do RIGHT NOW? East Bay Labor Solidarity is a campaign to turn East Bay DSA into a valuable and powerful ally to the local labor movement, by showing up to support local struggles in ways both big and small. There is lots of work to do, and opportunities to get involved for members of any level of experience!

Learn more about East Bay Labor Solidarity.

Jobs Program

Most of us need to work alienating jobs in order to survive. We can bring purpose into that daily drudgery by organizing with our coworkers to win demands that improve our lives and communities. If you're looking for work, or looking for a way to put your socialism into practice at work and don’t think that’s viable at your current workplace, get a job to organize a workplace or strengthen existing unions with other East Bay DSA members at a strategic employer!

Learn more about our Jobs Program.

Support Class Struggle Electoral Campaigns

East Bay DSA fight in Class struggle elections, at the moment we are getting the following great candidates elected:

  • Jovanka Beckles for California Senate District 7
  • Nikki Fortunado Bas for Alameda County Supervisor District 5
  • Cecilia Lunaparra for Berkeley City Council District 7

Learn more about our Ongoing Class Struggle Electoral Campaigns