What we're doing

East Bay DSA is comprised of hundreds of volunteers who work every week, even every day, to build a progressive community in the East Bay. DSA campaign work comes in many forms, including canvassing, calling, posting, and organizing among its members and the greater community.

2020 Electoral Endorsements

East Bay DSA endorses candidates and ballot initiatives of strategic importance to the chapter and the socialist movement. Learn more about our current 2020 electoral endorsements and the process for seeking endorsement by the chapter.

Learn more about out Electoral Endorsements.

ATU Local 192 Strike Support

The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 192 is AC Transit’s union of bus operators, mechanics and other AC Transit workers, and they may have to strike to fight for a fair and just contract for riders and workers. We stand with AC Transit workers in their fight for justice on the job, and for high-quality public transportation for all!

Learn more about ATU Local 192 Strike Support.

Let's Own PG&E

Pacific Gas & Electric is the investor-owned utility in Northern California responsible for wildfires that have cost lives and property for thousands of working-class people. It's time to take PG&E under public and worker ownership to bring energy to everyone and ensure the safety of the infrastructure.

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Mosser Tenant Union

We’re partnering with ACCE to support the newly formed Mosser Tenants Union. We are fighting against the Mosser corporation, a $1.5 billion corporate landlord that is exploiting a loophole in Oakland rent laws to try to raise rents on tenants by as much as 10%. Mosser has systematically filed petitions against 17 Oakland buildings, impacting over 500 tenants and potentially displacing vulnerable seniors, people with disabilities, and struggling working class families who can’t afford another rent hike. Join us as we fight for housing as a human right and build a multiracial movement of working class tenants!

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Labor Support Rapid Response

Inspired by teacher, nurse, and city worker strikes? Excited to support rank-and-file workers on the picket line in the East Bay? Join the Labor Support Rapid Response system to be notified by the East Bay DSA Labor Committee via text message about strikes and public actions.

Learn more about the Labor Support Rapid Response

Medicare for All

One of our first campaigns, DSA is fighting for Medicare for All, also known as single-payer healthcare, and we're winning. See the progress we're making and how you can get involved.

Learn more about Medicare for All