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Jobs Program

Most of us need to work alienating jobs in order to survive. We can bring purpose into that daily drudgery by organizing with our coworkers to win demands that improve our lives and communities. If you're looking for work, or looking for a way to put your socialism into practice at work and don’t think that’s viable at your current workplace, get a job to organize a workplace or strengthen existing unions with other East Bay DSA members at a strategic employer!

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East Bay DSA can support you in getting a job at one of our target employers in food service, logistics (warehousing and delivery), or education and connect you to other comrades on the job. This is one of the most important ways we as socialists can build power where we have the most leverage against the capitalists, at work! 

If you're interested, sign up and someone from the Jobs Program Working Group will get in touch with you!

Worker Stories

Hear from two comrades who have gotten jobs at two of our target employers in logistics and education:

“Having a rank and file union job allows me to build solidarity on the shop floor and take a daily role in the struggles that define our consciousness as workers. The support I’ve received from other DSA members has been invaluable to getting me acclimated to the job and learning how to become an effective rank-and-file activist."

Zach, UPS

"The jobs program was essential for me as a socialist teacher new to the East Bay in learning about the history and current context of teaching in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) from veteran teachers and DSA members with decades of experience in fighting for the rights of students, teachers, and families through our union, Oakland Education Association (OEA). Through the jobs program, I connected with an experienced teacher, who is a longtime DSA and OEA member, who became a mentor to me through the process of applying for a teaching job, and received support from another teacher and DSA member about how to make sure that I am being properly compensated based on my prior years of teaching and professional training."

Jessie, OUSD

Why Get a Job in a Strategic Sector?

Want to read more about why, as socialists, one of the most important things we can do is to get jobs a strategic workplaces?

Join the Jobs Program