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Fight corporate greed. Elect democratic socialists!

Fight corporate greed. Elect democratic socialists!

This November 6, we have a chance to elect a democratic socialist to the California Assembly. Jovanka Beckles will be a champion for working people in the Assembly and is the only corporate-money free candidate in this race.

What's at Stake This Election?

California is the fifth-largest economy in the world but still has the highest poverty rate in the country. Forty percent of all personal debt is from medical expenses, homelessness is rising with through-the-roof rent, and public schools are broke while tuition at state universities is skyrocketing.

The reason is that corporations control our economy, our government, and our lives. People are sick and tired of a system that's rigged to put the profits of the few above the needs of the many.

It's common knowledge that when corporations and capitalists influence politicians through campaign donations and lobbying, there are strings attached.

Nonetheless, the usual thinking is that voters should choose the candidate who will "get things done," or the candidate whose answers are best on a questionnaire or in a debate. But while California Democrats have a supermajority of "progressives" in the State legislature, economic inequality is as bad as it’s ever been because corporations have raised the economic stakes for any Democrat who might pass legislation that challenges their bottomline.

While "progressive" Democrats tout small tweaks and fixes, the crisis is clearly too deep for that. We need to change it.

When they have the power and the money, there is only one way to do that — by building a movement of people who will stand up to corporate interests.

Who is Jovanka?

Jovanka Beckles is a Richmond city councilmember, former Vice Mayor of Richmond, a member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA), a Teamster, and an East Bay DSA member.

Before the emergence of the RPA, Richmond–an oil refinery town–was a city who's politics were dominated by the interests of Chevron. As part of the RPA, Jovanka led popular, corporate-money free campaigns to take on Chevron-backed candidates and won.

Her campaign platform forwards key working class priorities:

  • Housing for all: Pass Proposition 10, expand rent control to make housing affordable, expand high-quality public and nonprofit affordable housing
  • Medicare for all: A single-payer healthcare system to cover everyone in California
  • Public education for all: Tuition-free, fully-funded, high-quality public school from pre-K through college, a moratorium on charter schools and school privatization
  • Public safety & justice for all: End cash bail and mandatory minimum sentences, independent accountability for police violence cases, end state collaboration with ICE, strong gun control
  • Healthy environment for all: Ban new fracking, oil, and coal production, win a Green New Deal with a living wage, public jobs for clean energy, transit infrastructure, and disaster prevention

And she is backing that up by bringing together ordinary working people in the Bay Area to stand up with her when she goes to Sacramento. She has the backing of major unions and the power of the people behind her.

East Bay DSA is proud to have endorsed Jovanka Beckles and to fight with her in this race for people, not for profit.

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