Where the work happens

East Bay DSA has many committees engaged in the important work of the chapter, addressing the needs of its members and the larger community.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of East Bay DSA is the governing board of the chapter, generally supervises its affairs between regular membership meetings, and implements the priorities adopted by the membership at the last annual convention.

  • Co-chairs: Hasan A., and Shane R.
  • Vice Chair: Maddy GW
  • Recording secretary: Carlos O.
  • Contact:

See more about the Steering Committee.

Electoral Committee

The Electoral Committee organizes East Bay DSA’s electoral campaigns, and coordinates with EBDSA-endorsed elected officials. We cannot vote our way to socialism, but the state is nonetheless a key arena of struggle against capital, and electoral campaigns can be powerful tools to foster working-class militancy and build socialist power and organization. The Electoral Committee is tasked with long term electoral strategy, preparing home-grown socialist candidates to run for office, and running independent chapter campaigns to help them win.

People's Transit Alliance (PTA)

Now a subcommittee of East Bay DSA’s electoral committee, the People’s Transit Alliance (PTA) emerged from Jovanka Beckles’ successful campaign to the AC Transit Board in November 2020. PTA is now working to actualize her platform for green, fare-free transit, good union jobs, and an accessible transit system that prioritizes working-class and transit-reliant riders.

See more about the People's Transit Alliance.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee broadcasts socialist politics to the masses via the chapter's public channels, including Majority, and creates and maintains tools for members new and old to easily find information about the chapter and communicate with one another.

See Majority, news for the East Bay's diverse, working-class majority.

Green New Deal Committee

The Green New Deal Committee is organizing for a socialist Green New Deal in the East Bay and beyond. We believe that future generations are entitled to a beautiful planet with a vibrant natural world that can sustain a good life for all people, and that creating a fully ecological society will require a revolutionary transformation to replace the capitalist social order based on exploitation and oppression with a new society based on cooperation, equity, and justice. A Green New Deal must serve as a bridge toward a decarbonized, democratized, decommodified, and demilitarized future for all.

In our monthly meetings, we hold political discussions and strategize for our Green New Deal work, such as our ongoing Lets Own PG&E campaign, and many more.

Labor Committee

If workers are to have the power in society to get their needs met, we must develop and grow the capacity to stop business as usual. When push comes to shove, capitalists and their political puppets care foremost about securing profits and property rights. Therefore, workers must build independent and democratic workplace organizations -- that is, unions and worker committees rooted in rank-and-file initiative and shopfloor power. Such robust labor organizations allow workers to articulate and advance their collective interests both as workers and as part of the broader working class.

The Labor Committee is made up of workers, rank-and-file union members, union staff, labor educators, and labor activists committed to building a strong, militant, democratic labor movement and its socialist wing, all of which are key to a rebirthed, truly mass socialist politics. To help bring about this revitalization, the Labor Committee engages in workplace organizing support, labor education, and solidarity work, and more.

See more about the Labor Committee.

Medicare for All Committee

The Medicare for All Committee organizes East Bay DSA’s healthcare-related work. Our primary campaign is fighting to win California Medicare for All: a single state-run health program that provides comprehensive, universal coverage free at the point of service, with a jobs initiative and severance for those affected by the transition to government-run healthcare. As part of this work — at the federal, state, and local level — our committee liaises with various coalition partners, trains healthcare organizers, and works to educate our members and our community about socialism and health care.

See more about the Medicare for All Committee.

Member Engagement Committee

The Membership Engagement Committee was created for the purpose of initiating and sustaining our members' active and healthy participation in the chapter's work. We cannot grow our movement without engaging and fostering growth within our current membership. We strive to grow confident organizers and leaders as well as strong relationships between comrades in our chapter by supporting all committees in their work and creating spaces for learning and camaraderie.

Our committee builds and maintains projects such as (but not limited to) our mobilizers program, planning and execution of chapter socials, new member events, and Organizer's Toolbox Trainings, as well as managing the onboarding of new members. As our chapter grows we need to grow our efforts with it and would love to welcome new members to our committee.

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee keeps the chapter's data secure and make sure that the regular functions of the chapter, including email, the events calendar, and event sign-ins, works smoothly.

Political Education Committee

The Political Education Committee educates East Bay DSA members on socialist theory, history, and methodology through regularly occurring Socialist Night School classes and public lectures and events. Through these political education programs, socialist organizers will be able to understand their current context and their tasks ahead more clearly and gain the fluency they need to become public tribunes for socialism.

See more about Socialist Night School.

Racial Solidarity Committee

As socialists, we know that racism, imperialism, and capitalism go hand-in-hand. The Racial Solidarity Committee organizes to disentangle and shed light on the connections between racist and imperialist oppression and the capitalist paradigm which emisserates the working class as a whole.

We work to learn more about anti-racist movements of the past in order to apply lessons to today’s organizing.

We seek to make connections with anti-racist organizers in the leftist milieu to contribute a critical class consciousness while also learning how to address specific forms of oppression that affect our fellow comrades of color.

We cannot end racism and imperialism until we end capitalism - all working people, especially working people of color, have an interest in destroying capitalism and humanizing our society. True working class liberation must address the needs of people of color, and organized people of color must join broader anti-capitalist movements.


See more about the Racial Solidarity Committee.

Social Housing Committee

The Social Housing Committee is organizing a movement of working-class tenants, homeowners, and houseless people fighting the California real estate lobby and corporate landlords, for housing that is universal, democratically run, ecologically designed, high-quality, permanently affordable and off the private market.

Our campaigns have included fighting in coalitions for local rent control campaigns in cities like Hayward, statewide ballot initiatives for strong rent control like Prop 10, tenant protections, direct actions, and electoral efforts to create taxes on speculators and the wealthy, all in order to disrupt speculation, spread socialist housing ideas, and seize power from landlords and capitalists.

We also popularize our vision of social housing through community education efforts, propaganda, and by supporting DSA chapters across the state to advocate for social housing.

See more about the Social Housing Committee.