Code of Conduct

As comrades in struggle, we as DSA members must commit to actively dismantling the social structures of domination and oppression. Members may not in behavior or speech reinforce systems of oppression including but not limited to class, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, body size and physical appearance, dis/ability, race, ethnicity, caste, color, religion, immigration status or national origin, or age.

The following will not be tolerated:

  • Harassment in-person, online, or via any form of communication. Examples of harassment and abusive behavior can be physical or verbal. They include but are not limited to: slurs, hate speech, unwanted sexual advances, intimidation, stalking, and inappropriate physical contact.
  • Intentional and sustained disruptions of EBDSA conversations and events.
  • Recording or sharing EBDSA members’ personal information, including photos, video, personal communications or personally identifying information, without consent. The organizers of public chapter meetings will make reasonable accommodations for attendees who do not want to be photographed or recorded.
  • Misuse of chapter resources, such as misappropriation of funds or materials, misuse or unauthorized access or use of official chapter communications, or chapter data.
  • Misrepresenting EBDSA, such as by speaking as an official representative of the chapter without permission from the EBDSA steering committee or membership, using EBDSA membership to campaign for public office without the chapter’s endorsement, or misrepresenting the official positions of the chapter. Members are not limited in their ability to publicly identify themselves as DSA members or to articulate their own beliefs as socialists.

This code of conduct is enforced as described in the East Bay DSA Bylaws.

Appointed Grievance Officers work with the Steering Committee to hear and investigate formal complaints of member misconduct. You can place a complaint by contacting either a Grievance Officer [] or a member of the Steering Committee.

Your complaint will be kept confidential.