This page contains organizational resources for existing members and candidates seeking endorsement. Are you looking to learn about socialism? Check out our Socialist Night School page!

How to Submit a Resolution

We’re a democratic, member-led organization, and that means you can help decide what the chapter does. Want to propose a campaign or project? Check in with the chairs (email or a member of the Steering Committee. They’ll reach out to discuss your proposal. When you’ve gotten their input and are ready to submit a resolution to the Steering Committee or the membership, follow this template. Please note that submitting a resolution does not guarantee it will be considered, and not every resolution that gets voted on will pass.

Our Endorsements Process

Is your candidate or ballot measure seeking East Bay DSA’s endorsement? Checkout the Electoral Committee

New Member Handbook

New to East Bay DSA? Learn about who we are, how we work, and how to plug in. Read the new member handbook here.

Solidarity Dues

National DSA is urging members to give their 1% for the 99% to help build socialism. In East Bay DSA we encourage folks to contribute a portion toward local dues, which directly fund our organizing efforts, our office and our staffer.

Platform and Priorities

Annual Convention, East Bay DSA's highest body, amended and passed a substantial update to our chapter Platform and Priorities in June 2024. This document guides our work throughout the year.


Bylaws are the basic rules that define how an organization governs itself. For East Bay DSA, as an organization committed to democratic governance by its members, our bylaws' most important function is to establish the democratic structures through which we make decisions, carry out collective goals, and elect accountable leaders. Read the bylaws here.

Meeting Notes and Past Resolutions

Transparency is built into our democratic organization. Part of that transparency is to share the notes from our most important meetings, such as Steering Committee meetings and meetings of our general membership. Read the meeting notes here.

East Bay DSA’s Harassment and Grievance Process

East Bay Democratic Socialists of America is committed to creating a space that is welcoming and inclusive to members of all genders, races, class backgrounds, and abilities. At our 2017 national DSA convention, we passed Resolution #33, which provides guidelines to ensure that everyone is able to organize without fear of harassment, abuse, or harm. The resolution also establishes a process to handle these types of charges between members. Additionally, East Bay DSA has a code of conduct that all members are expected to abide by. Read our grievance process here.

Forming a Branch

Interested in creating a branch of East Bay DSA? Learn the process for chartering one. Read how to form a branch here.

Other DSA California Chapters

Find local California Democratic Socialists of America and Young Democratic Socialists of America chapters in your area. Find other chapters here.