General Meeting Minutes: April 23, 2017

East Bay DSA Local Council Meeting, June 11, 2017

The following notes were written by Molly Armstrong on June 11, 2017, in her role as the then–vice chair of the East Bay DSA local council. She was filling in for Benjamin Fife, the secretary, who could not be present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mary Virginia Watson, co-chair of the local council.

Previous Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the May 14, 2017, East Bay DSA meeting were approved.

Committee Reports

Committee reports were made by the elections working group, the summer school working group, and the treasurer.

Elections Working Group

There are three contested elections so far. The group sent out roughly 580 election packets to members.

Summer School Working Group

The first week of summer school starts this week.

Treasurer's Report

The treasurer gave her assessment of the financial situation of the local.


A census proposal was put forward. The local council reached a decision to not proceed on the proposal in favor of the next local council making decisions about how to proceed on taking a member census.

Absent additional proposals discussion was facilitated by the meeting chair on a number of issues of import to the chapter.


The elections working group is planning a delegate meeting for June 27.

Suggested Meeting Agenda

  • Logistics
  • Orientation to convention (goals of delegation)
  • Delegate duties (to fundraise)
  • Positions on issues
  • Socialists International
  • National single-payer
  • Spring platform

Finances for the Convention

East Bay DSA can pay directly (with chapter debit card) for those who cannot afford to purchase a ticket up front, otherwise a delegate can pay and get reimbursed.

Regarding a contingency plan, the next Local Council will deal with it as it comes.

A motion from Jess, the treasurer, was made that East Bay DSA will cover costs based on self-reported need, with a cap at $750, prioritizing delegates who get the most votes. Alternates must have received 25 votes. Result: the motion passed unanimously.

Jess also is putting forward a survey to gauge candidate ability to pay.


Jeremy, co-chair of the local council, moves that internal organizing committee candidates shall put on fundraising event in early July with a budget of $250. Result: the motion is approved unanimously.

Mary Virginia will talk to Eileen, Dolores, and the internal organizing committee candidates.