Frances R.

Vice Chair Candidate Statement

When I joined DSA in January 2017, I was a disillusioned liberal without political experience. Through the support of many, many comrades in the chapter, I became an active and committed socialist leader who has seen many important projects to successful completion, including two bylaws overhauls, designing the 2017 leadership elections process, the development of our new code of conduct, and, as the current Communications Committee co-chair, the creation of an editorial board and the launch of a forthcoming opposition research website. As vice chair, I also did a ton of administrative work, helping to streamline the functioning of the steering committee, chairing general meetings, and supporting the leadership development of many new organizers. I’ve also been a long-term participant in our fantastic Socialist Night School, serving as a facilitator and speaker.

By early 2017, our unprecedented membership boom required us to restructure the chapter under new bylaws, a project I was a key organizer and architect of. The structure we created was designed to serve an organization that is ever growing in size, power, and political sophistication. I see one of the main roles of the steering committee as keeping this structural overhaul running smoothly, through the creation of accountability structures for committees, leadership development for new members, and a commitment to the powerful political vision of the priorities resolution from the 2018 convention (which I was a co-author of).  

I will use this term on the steering committee to continue to build a socialist organization that can welcome and develop the hundreds, and eventually thousands, of new members we’ll add in the coming years. My commitment is to deepening the engagement of our current and future members in meaningful political education, effective socialist organizing, and the vibrant democratic life of our chapter. Thank you for your consideration, comrades!