Sergio G.

Vice Chair Candidate Statement

I’m running for Vice-Chair because I want to make East Bay DSA a welcoming organization, where diversity and equity can thrive, where members feel included and non-members feel welcomed, where multiple views and tendencies can work together, and where disagreement doesn’t preclude collaboration. I want to make sure that the leadership is accountable and that the members feel empowered to propose, demand, and change things both inside and outside DSA.

I have learned from feminist comrades the concept of situated knowledge and the concept epistemic privilege of the oppressed. That means, if you have not experienced one type of oppression you are literally not able to understand those life experiences. How are we going to build a mass movement to address problems we cannot see, or say that our strategy is the right one, while leaving out so many other struggles. (“No one is free until we are all free.”)

When we talk about oppression we also need to talk about privilege. As a white cis-male engineer I am aware of my privilege to access jobs, venues, organizations and resources. I am aware of my privilege to speak without being interrupted, and my privilege of feeling safe while walking on the streets or driving without fearing the police. However, as a spanish speaking immigrant I am also aware of how my accent or my lack of proficiency can be used to diminish my arguments or to question my origins or belonging.

As Vice-Chair, I want to advocate for real inclusivity in our chapter and in our leadership. If we don’t include and support the voices of transgender and queer people, people of color, women, immigrants, disabled and poor people, …, then we are not creating a real socialist movement.

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.”