NPC Candidate Statement: Megan S.

I am running for NPC to continue building a movement truly capable of shifting power in the US away from corporations and millionaires towards the working class. Only a mass movement of the working class can being about the world we need and I believe DSA can play an important role in advancing that struggle. I hope that my experience and the skills I’ve developed over the last few years in DSA will allow me to contribute to this growth. I am proud to be running with comrades from the Bread and Roses caucus from all over the US.

Throughout the last two and a half years I’ve been a member of the East Bay DSA chapter and a Steering Committee member on the national DSA Medicare for All campaign. For the last six months I have been a Steering Committee member on the national DSA for Bernie Campaign.

As a member of East Bay DSA I participated in the California campaign for Single Payer, SB 562 - where I learned how to talk to my neighbors about universal demands and articulate the importance of revolutionary reforms. As a member of the Steering Committee over the last year I supported the Jovanka Beckles for State Assembly campaign, East Bay DSA’s efforts to support the Oakland Teachers Strike and the growth of our Social Housing committee, which participated in a statewide campaign to repeal a law limiting rent control. As a member of the DSA Medicare for All Steering Committee I helped facilitated the launch of the National Campaigns Regional Organizer Program, our M4A Chapter Activist Training calls, and helped created our Organizing Guide and other campaign materials, organized national weekends of action, and plan two regional speaking tours with Michael Lighty.