Local Council Meeting Minutes: Jan. 14, 2018

East Bay DSA Local Council Meeting, January 14, 2018

January 14, 2018

3–5:45 p.m.

Note: This meeting reconvened on January 15, 2018, with a quorum present for the sole purpose of finalizing the draft bylaws to be presented by this body to the members. The secretary could not be present for the meeting, and Megan S. took notes. The secretary appointed her to be an organizer in his stead on December 15, 2017.

Introductions and Opening Statements

Present at the meeting were Mary Virginia, Molly, Frances, Hannah, Zach, Jamie, Meagan, Jeff, Ari, Robbie, Ahmed, Jeremy, and Ben. The secretary was recording.

The co-chair, Mary Virginia, facilitated the meeting.

Approval of Agenda

The agenda passed unanimously after some edits in the order.

Approval of Minutes

The Local Council unanimously approved the notes of the December 5 and December 10 meetings.



The treasurer provided a report regarding current finances and discussed the finance-related proposals on the consent calendar. The treasurer also noted best practices regarding expenditure authorizations.


Sean M. discussed the work he has been doing on the member lists to analyze membership changes. The chapter has 950 members as of December 3. It has increased its membership by 50–75 members per month. Some members are working on developing more complex ways to analyze member data usefully and developing a practice of more standardized data reports. Sean recommends getting in touch with him early on if there is a data-heavy project.


The secretary made an announcement about upcoming medical issues and changes to meeting attendance. (He may have to attend digitally and make several calls for recorders at events he cannot attend.)

External Organizing Committee (EOC)

Recent Canvass

Ari made a report on the recent canvass, which had more than 100 attendees. This was lower attendance than expected, and he cited needing awareness of changing labor requirements in order to pull off a large event.

Zach discussed the collaboration with the compliance working group. We successfully created in-house material for candidates that we are supporting, and there are strong indications that the electoral work on the canvass went well for people.

We cannot gather signatures for candidates to get them on the ballot, be in formal collaboration with campaigns, or use campaign's materials, but there are many things we can do. All the work done at the recent canvass was within the rules.

Restructuring the Committee

Ari noted the possibility of three subcommittees within the EOC. LC members discussed possible ways to move forward. The vice-chair noted that however the EOC changes, they should keep with the current and potential new bylaws. She also suggested that committees should be empowered to draft priorities resolutions. Ari recommends structuring opportunities for member feedback into all campaigns.

Questions came up surrounding capacities, and the LC discussed the extent of our labor power.

Internal Organizing Committee (IOC)

Hannah gave a report regarding the mobilizers program expansion, which is on schedule. The expansion is slower than initially expected with an increased planned growth for the next iteration of 25 percent.

The dues renewal campaign is moving forward. Efforts are in progress to find a party venue for the dues-renewal party. The census and handbook are in progress. An informational meeting of the IOC is coming up on January 27. Socialism school and the newsletter are chugging along. Frances brought up the question of publicizing the mobilizers report and offering other feedback to the membership especially regarding branch development.

Convention Committee

Frances discussed the limits to the progress of the convention team's work. A separate committee will be necessary for the elections committee. New members would be useful for this. The chair recommends putting out a contingent timeline.

Consent Calendar

The council unanimously approved the consent calendar. The following items were present.

Updates to Recurring Costs

Proposed by Jeff L.

EBDSA proposal
Updates to recurring costs
Motivated by: Jeff L.
  • During the 2017/9/17 LC meeting, the LC approved a $15/month budget for the standard edition of Quickbooks. In anticipation of reporting requirements related to 2018 political activity, Finance Team recommends upgrading to the "plus" edition of Quickbooks.
  • During a 2017/4/17 email vote, the LC approved a $220/month budget for NationBuilder. The chapter's usage of NationBuilder has grown to the extent that we are now being charged on a basis that scales with our usage, and exceeds the initial budget. Over the past two months, the rate has been $239/month.
  • EBDSA organizer Tim Harrison has been the steward of the chapter's PO box for most of 2017, but the new year presents the opportunity for the chapter to assume costs and administration of the PO box in an official capacity.
  • The Quickbooks budget will expand to $25/month to cover the costs of the "plus" edition.
  • The NationBuilder budget will expand to up to $275/month. At the earliest convenience, Data team will work with Finance team to produce an estimate of NationBuilder expenses for all of 2018.
  • The chapter will assume all costs for maintaining the PO box, which currently stand at $134/year.

Increase in Incorporation Budget

Propose by Jeff L.

EBDSA proposal
Increase in incorporation budget
Motivated by: Jeff L.
  • The LC approved an $1100 budget for incorporation-related expenses on 2017/10/27.
  • There were some unplanned costs during the incorporation process, such as a $350 fee for the rush filing of the Articles of Incorporation, which was deemed necessary due to the proximity to the end of the calendar year.
  • The incorporation budget will expanded by $300, to a total of $1400.
  • The treasurer will supply the LC with a final report of incorporation expenses no later than the February LC meeting.

Old Business

Proposal for Member Online Forum

Proposed by Frances R.

Whereas the EBDSA MEMBERS FACEBOOK GROUP POLICY resolution passed by the Local Council on September 18, 2017 stated that "In order to satisfy the requirement of a safe and facilitated environment to debate ideas and grow as socialists, the IOC will explore opening an alternate moderated discussion space to be made available for members";
Whereas the East Bay DSA Members Facebook group was originally created without approval of the members or elected leadership of EBDSA, and has since become the de facto hub for online discussion and organizing in the chapter with little intentionality or oversight from membership or elected leaders;
Whereas the Facebook group was converted to a bulletin board model in the aforementioned September 18 resolution as an interim solution in the absence of an alternative moderated space for thoughtful, comradely, and robust discussion and debate;
Whereas a central online space, in addition to serving as a community organizing tool and discussion platform, is a potentially valuable channel for members to gain insight into the governance of the chapter and the decision-making of its leaders;
Whereas a robust moderation policy for EBDSA's online space has not existed in the past, and the demanding work of moderation has fallen ad hoc on individual members;
Whereas moderating an online discussion group is a difficult, emotionally demanding, and time-consuming role, and simultaneously a position of power that should be subject to democratic oversight and should not be entrenched in a small number of members;
Whereas a Facebook group is a problematic and dysfunctional platform for conducting chapter work and discussion online, for reasons including:
  • The Facebook algorithm privileges posts with high levels of intensified engagement, disproportionately highlighting controversy and divisive interactions;
  • Facebook's moderation tools are unwieldy and open to abuse, such as deleting posts and comments with no trace of their existence;
  • Posts are not organized by topic or chronology, and older posts are difficult to find;
  • We cannot know if the information being shared on our private Facebook group is in fact private and/or secure, and we have good reason to believe that it is not;
  • Some unknown number of members choose not to make Facebook part of their lives for reasons of privacy or personal preference;
  • Facebook is a massive, globe-spanning organ of capital that exists to monetize our engagement, often in the service of an anti-worker political agenda;
Be it resolved that the IOC will close the existing East Bay DSA Members Facebook group and create and administer an official EBDSA discussion forum (the "Forum") on a platform other than Facebook that allows for robust and transparent moderation and useful organization of posts.
Be it resolved that the old Facebook group will remain as an archive for users who already have access to it, but no new posts will be approved and the sticky post will direct users to the new forums.
Be it resolved that the Forum will substantially meet the guidelines for accessibility put forth by the W3C (https://www.w3.org/WAI/WCAG20/glance/), and attempt to address member feedback about accessibility in a timely fashion.
Be it resolved that access to the forum will be granted only to EBDSA members in good standing.
Be it resolved that in the process of first launching the forum, Local Council and appointed leaders will be the first users of the system, and members from the Facebook group will be gradually added in over the following weeks.
Be it resolved that the process and timeline for inviting new chapter members to the Forum will be evaluated in conjunction with the IOC's plan for a new member handbook, and members may not receive an invitation to the online-only space as part of their immediate introduction to the chapter.
Be it resolved that membership, expected conduct, and moderation within the Forum shall be governed by the rules laid out in the EBDSA Online Code of Conduct and Moderation Policy ("Code of Conduct") and the "Responsibilities of EBDSA Forum Moderators," attached, which shall be posted prominently on the Forum.
Be it resolved that the IOC will review and modify the Code of Conduct and moderator responsibilities periodically to ensure the Forum remains a safe and productive online space, taking frequent input from members on their experiences and needs for the Forum.
Be it resolved that the IOC will appoint members to serve as moderators of the Forum, in accordance with the following:
  • An ongoing open call for moderator applications will be made available to members, and the IOC will outline the procedure for being approved as a moderator in a dedicated forum post.
  • Any EBDSA member in good standing may be a moderator, provided they affirm their ability and willingness to undertake the required time commitment (expected to be 45 minutes per day or less) and to abide by the Forum Code of Conduct.
  • Appointed or elected IOC organizers will provide moderators with instructions and documentation necessary to carry out their role.
  • The Forum will be staffed by at least two moderators at all times, with a goal of having a crew of four moderators.
  • Each moderator is expected to serve a two-month term and then rotate out, subject to the availability of new volunteer moderators.
  • If there is evidence that a moderator is failing to meet their responsibilities, including failing to abide by the moderation rules laid out in the Code of Conduct, the IOC may remove that moderator immediately.
  • The IOC will consider implementing a member voting system for moderators if it becomes necessary to select from a large number of would-be moderators.
Be it resolved that the Forum, unlike Facebook, will be treated as a working space for conducting official East Bay DSA business, and is thus a suitable place for conducting Local Council, IOC and EOC planning, organizing and non-critical voting in the appropriate subforums.
Be it resolved that the Local Council will use the Forum to communicate with members and to conduct minor business, as follows:
  • The Local Council will commit to posting all Local Council meeting agendas, proposals, minutes, and results of in-person and out-of-meeting votes in a timely fashion on one (or more, as needed) dedicated subforums that are readable by all members, but only writeable by Local Council members. Notes of closed sessions will not be posted to preserve member confidentiality.
  • The Local Council may post draft agendas in advance of final approval
  • The Local Council may post draft notes of meetings in advance of final versions
  • The Local Council will use the Forum to solicit member comments on proposals with significant political implications.
Be it resolved that caucuses who are formally recognized by the Local Council per the bylaws will receive a sub-forum dedicated to their caucus, where they can organize and discuss with members of similar interests.
Be it resolved that caucus subforums will provide an initial post containing information about the members of the caucus (at least the names/handles of initial 5 members) and an address for contacting the caucus via email.
Be it resolved that creation of additional dedicated subforums focused on specific topics, interests or projects will be done at the sole discretion of the IOC, and should be a tool used to better organize discussions in ways that will become evident as the usage of the Forum evolves naturally over time.

The vice-chair moved to send the referral to the proposal to the internal organizing committee. Jeff abstained. All other members voted in favor of referral to the IOC.

Meeting Extension

Hannah proposed a motion to extend the meeting by 30 minutes. It passed with nine in favor and Jeff and Ahmed abstaining due to a possible need to leave early.

Proposed Bylaws for Recommendation to Membership

Proposed by Frances R.

Text of the Proposed Bylaws

This was partially completed (through Article 2) with a plan for the remainder of the bylaws to be completed in a second meeting the following day. The secretary will not be present for the follow-up meeting and Megan S. will substitute as note-taker for that meeting. See the notes regarding the process of the proposed bylaws drafted by this body on December 14 and 15.

Endorsement of March for Our Health

Proposed by Jamie G.

Jeremy motivated the following proposal.
Whereas, the membership of East Bay DSA has overwhelmingly voted to make Medicare for All a chapter-wide campaign, and EBDSA has been a leader in developing campaign strategy for the national M4A campaign, and
Whereas, EBDSA has identified thousands of East Bay residents eager to fight for single payer and against the private insurance system, and
Whereas, drawing attention to the ways in which marketized healthcare harms patients, controls workers, and siphons money from worker's wages to private profits is key to developing a mass socialist analysis of healthcare
Whereas, EBDSA has been invited to plan such a protest in coalition with other groups including SF DSA and the ISO, and
Whereas, despite its status as a non-profit, Kaiser Permanente has donated and lobbied heavily to politicians to prevent the passage of legislation recognizing healthcare as a human right, engages in market-driven cost-reduction strategies that harm patients, and retains the high executive pay coupled with sub-par compensation for frontline caregivers that is typical of our for-profit healthcare system, therefore,
Be it resolved, East Bay DSA endorses a rally entitled March for Our Health, to be held April 14, beginning at Oscar Grant Plaza and marching to the Kaiser building in downtown Oakland
Be it further resolved, EBDSA names Jackie Andrews and Jamie Gardner as liaisons to the planning group,
Be it further resolved, organizers will request a budget and develop propaganda in concert with the EOC as planning progresses.
Be it further resolved that the organizers of this event will produce a reflection document regarding the process of coalition work in this instance for presentation to the next governing body of EBDSA.
Be it further resolved that work on this will be referred to the EOC for research on what groups are committing to participate meaningfully.

The measure is approved by acclamation.

Meeting Extension

A second motion to extend the meeting to 6 p.m. passed.

Endorsement for Rally for Reproductive Justice

Proposed by Jamie G.

Endorsement for Rally for Reproductive Justice
Whereas San Francisco is host to a major annual anti-choice event called the Walk for Life, drawing thousands of anti-abortion activists to the Bay Area, and
Whereas DSA values reproductive freedom for all people, including universal access to abortion, as a part of our commitment to healthcare as a human right, and
Whereas a substantial counter-demonstration, dubbed the Rally for Reproductive Justice, is being planned by a coalition including comrades in DSA SF and ISO,
EBDSA endorses the Rally for Reproductive Justice, to be held Saturday, Jan 27, 2018. This shall include driving member turnout through means including the Direct Action listserv, the Socialist Feminist caucus, the newsletter, calendar, and social media.
Be it resolved that the EOC is tasked with driving turnout and developing messaging connecting abortion access to healthcare as a human right, to socialist feminist principles more broadly, and to the Medicare for All campaign.
Be it further resolved that the EBDSA Local Council will vote to appoint a designated liaison to coordinate communication with the coalition and its candidate campaigns. The liaison will act as a conduit of information between EBDSA and the rally planning coalition, and will represent EBDSA in minor logistical decisions not relating to political direction or broad organizing strategy.
Be it resolved that the appointed liaison will provide regular summaries of pertinent developments to the EBDSA Local Council and provide further information to council members upon request. The liaison will seek the guidance of the Local Council before committing to significant political decisions on behalf of EBDSA and its membership.
Be it resolved that the appointed liaison will provide regular summaries of pertinent developments to the EBDSA External Organizing Committee (EOC) and provide further information to EOC leadership upon request. The liaison will seek the guidance of the EOC leadership before committing to significant organizing decisions relating to EBDSA's work in support of the campaigns. The liaison will consult with the Internal Organizing Committee (IOC) as needed and provide further information to IOC leadership upon request.
Be it resolved that the liaison will attend planning meetings for the rally. In the event that the liaison cannot attend a meeting, it will be at the liaison's discretion to find a replacement when needed.
Be it resolved the EBDSA Local Council names Regina C. as our representative to the planning body, tasked with keeping the EOC and LC up to date on decisions made by the planning body, and checking back with those bodies before making any further commitments on behalf of EBDSA.

The motion passed unanimously.

Political Education Report and Proposal

Proposed by Ahmed K.

East Bay DSA Political Education Report and Proposal
Fall Socialist School Report
Lecturers: Robbie N., Trevor J., Ahmed K., Daniel D.
Facilitators: Nicole G., Miranda N., Nathan N.
Website: Wes H.
Approximately 50 EB DSA members enrolled in the Fall Socialist School, which ran for 4 evening sessions at the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library in North Oakland from October 21 to November 13. In accordance with the goal of targeting members without prior socialist education, over two-thirds of the members had not previously participated in any formal socialist educational programs. The classes were well attended; between 30 to 40 members were present at each of the classes. Four East Bay DSA comrades lectured and led discussions on different topics of socialist thought and theory: Robbie Nelson on Class Struggle, Trevor Jackson on Capitalism: Contradictions and Crises, Ahmed Kanna on Dispossession and Forms of Imperialism, and Dan Deck on State and Civil Society. Readings for the School consisted of 1-2 required articles from current socialist publications that were geared towards the novice reader, and 2 sets of optional supplementary readings: longer, more academic articles and primary texts. Comrades who attended the School reported that it was a positive experience that gave them further tools for understanding the path to socialism in our world; they also offered helpful feedback for improving the School in the future.
Most participants liked the format of the class with a mixture of lecture and discussion time. Several members would have liked more discussion time and/or breakouts into smaller groups. Most participants reported that the class content was at an appropriate level of difficulty and depth. Members also noted that the concepts in successive classes built on and reinforced one another, the lectures were high quality, and the readings were at an appropriate level and length but were sometimes hard to put into historical context. Several members commented that the study guide for each class was very helpful.
Room for Improvement/Future Considerations
While participants liked the questions and answer discussions panels, several commented they needed more structure. Several participants commented that lecturers could have done a better job defining specific terms. In this regard having a dry erase board and markers would be helpful for future classes. Facilitators need to remember to situate the discussion in the historical context, as such a timeline handout could be helpful in future classes. One member with a learning disability requested that in the future the reading be recorded and posted on the internet. Finally, targeting new or inexperienced members resulted in the most active organizers and chapter leaders being absent from the classes. The absence of active organizers limited the opportunity for new members to get familiar with EBDSA campaigns and/or plugged into organizing roles.
Proposal to Continue Political Education in the East Bay DSA Chapter
Whereas, a democratic socialist organization that doesn't have a rich and accessible internal educational life will not develop a core membership who can be public tribunes for socialism.
Whereas, a focus on the political education of DSA members is a priority of the national organization.
Whereas, the EBDSA has educated approximately 80 members in the Summer and Fall Schools with overwhelmingly positive feedback. These members, and others who have not yet taken part in the school, are hungry for more political education.
Whereas, the IOC political education subcommittee point persons, Ahmed Kanna and Daniel Deck, have developed a syllabus to support the continued political education of the EBDSA membership.   
Therefore be it resolved the IOC shall organize and conduct a socialist school that would be open to the general membership with a format as follows:
What: A comprehensive 20 class socialist curriculum (See curriculum and first set of readings below.)
When: Class will meet once every other week on a weekday evening for 1.5 to 2 hours. Aim for a first week of February start date.
Who: Open to all EBDSA members regardless of previous experience; attendance by active, experienced members is strongly encouraged; these members should also consider volunteering to serve as facilitators
Where: TBD based on level of interest/space requirements (NPML is possibility but is not ideal for small group discussions)
Format: A short introductory talk by one or more of the course facilitators followed by a guided large and small group discussions based on assigned readings (see below for detailed syllabus and reading). There will generally be 3-4 assigned readings for each class. The readings are generally at an introductory or moderate level and should cumulatively take no more than 1 hour to read. The readings will be made available on the EB DSA website. Future readings will be submitted to the LC (or designated committee) for approval.
Facilitators: Anticipate 3-4 facilitators needed for each class but will depend on class size. Facilitators to be drawn from current chapter leadership (LC, appointed organizers) and other qualified members as identified by the IOC and/or political education working group. Of note, current members working on political education include Ahmed K., Daniel D., Robbie N., Miranda N., Nicole G., Nate N., and Wes H.
Budget: Estimate recurring $150/month x 10 months if held at NPML
One time cost of ~$50-70 for Dry Erase Board and Markers
Total: $1570  
Evaluation: We propose assessing the course at the end of each 5 class block and making adjustments accordingly. Any recommended modifications to the syllabus or format will be submitted to the LC (or designated committee) for approval.
Point Persons: Ahmed Kanna (Elected IOC organizer), Daniel Deck (Appointed IOC organizer)      
Syllabus and Readings
(Subject to change.)
Class #1: What is democratic socialism?
Class #2: Marxism 101
Class #3: Capitalism, Class, and The Left Today
Class #4: Reform and Revolution
Class #5: The US Labor Movement
Class #6: Lenin & The Dictatorship of the Proletariat
Class #7: Social Oppressions and Identity Politics
Class #8: Imperialism
Class #9: The War on Terror
Class #10: Mao & The People's Revolution
Class #11: Marxism 201
Class #12: Gender and Class
Class #13: The Commodification of Care
Class #14: What is Neoliberalism?
Class #15: The 2008 Crisis
Class #16: The End of Nature?
Class #17: Trotsky's Permanent Revolution 
Class #18: Race and Class
Class #19: The US Prison State
Class #20: The Democratic Road to Socialism (Eurocommunism and Chile)
Class #21: What is to be done?

Passed by acclamation.

Costa-Hawkins Repeal Campaign Proposal

Local Council Resolution to Agendize Costa-Hawkins Repeal Endorsement at February General Meeting
Whereas the Social Housing Caucus of EBDSA has been developing a political orientation for the chapter regarding the question of housing and has held meetings and public events to this end.
Whereas the November, 2018 ballot will feature a proposition to repeal the state law known as Costa-Hawkins (read more below), and the fight to support this repeal will begin early this year.
Therefore be it resolved that the appended General Meeting Resolution (below) will be agendized and put up for a vote at the February 25th EBDSA general meeting.
Be it further resolved that the process for agendizing and amendments will either (a) mirror that of the bylaws portion of the meeting, or (b) be developed and approved by the LC with ample notice given to members.
General Meeting Resolution: for East Bay DSA to Adopt Campaign to Repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act
Whereas the housing crisis in the Bay Area and beyond is a wholly preventable disaster, created and maintained by the notion that housing is a commodity and not a human right.
Whereas the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act oppresses the working class by upholding landlord interests, and – in tandem with the housing crisis – has deeply exacerbated social disparities, displaced longtime communities, driven homelessness, and dealt a blow to working class power by making housing ever more insecure and inaccessible. Tenants organizations from around the state (led by ACCE, the Eviction Defense Collaborative, and LA Tenants Union) will be organizing around a November, 2018 proposition to repeal Costa-Hawkins.
From the DSA-LA statement about the Costa-Hawkins repeal:
"The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act is a 1995 state law that prevents local municipalities from enacting strict rent control statutes, and severely restricts the effectiveness of existing measures throughout California. Under Costa-Hawkins, buildings built after 1995, single-family houses, and condos cannot be covered by any rent control law. Additionally, Costa-Hawkins mandates that landlords be allowed to raise the rental price of rent-controlled units to the market rate once the "last original occupant" vacates the unit."
Whereas housing justice is an issue that mobilizes a broad constituency in the East Bay. With official support from the chapter, the EBDSA Social Housing Caucus held an event, "Socialist Visions of Housing", in November which attracted over 80 participants; for many their first EBDSA event.
Whereas as socialists, we stand in solidarity with workers against the capitalist class, and as the majority of working class people in California are renters, we see landlords and real estate profiteers as opponents of workers' wellbeing.
Whereas we seek the full decommodification of housing, through a guaranteed human right to housing, achieved primarily through universal rent control and mass development of social housing.
Whereas the campaign to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act is a significant opportunity for the renting class to fight landlords, build power, and work toward the complete decommodification of housing.
Whereas the campaign to repeal Costa-Hawkins is already a rapidly growing coalition of predominantly base-building groups located in working class communities facing key ballot qualification deadlines in May, such that official EBDSA participation beginning in February would be advantageous for both the overall campaign and our chapter goals for building relationships within the coalition.
Therefore be it resolved EBDSA endorses the ballot measure to repeal Costa-Hawkins, and will campaign for its passage.
Therefore be it resolved that the External and Internal Organizing Committees be directed to provide campaign infrastructure support.
Campaign goals:
  • Empower the chapter to stand in solidarity with renters and fight the landlord class: organize, educate, and agitate in the East Bay and across the state to build broad support for the repeal campaign among working class people while putting pressure on the political establishment, the mainstream media, and other institutions to counteract the powerful influence of the landlord and developer interests in politics and civil society.
  • Promote a socialist analysis to challenge both the neoliberal “supply-side” or “YIMBY” analysis and the important but inadequate liberal-progressive affordable housing approaches to the housing crisis. More on this analysis can be found in the Social Housing Caucus Statement here.
  • Continue building the chapter and our members' interest and capacity for socialist housing organizing: develop and deepen relationships with other tenant organizations; foster political debate on socialist perspectives on housing and socialist political strategy within the chapter; educate comrades on the machinations which contribute to housing injustice; and deepen DSA's presence in diverse working class communities.

Approved by acclamation.

Close of Business

Meeting was adjourned at 5:54pm.


Addendum 1

On January 23, 2018, co-chair Mary Virginia put forward the following proposal brought to the Local Council by Muller G.

Motion to Endorse the Bay Resistance Response to ICE
Whereas ICE has threatened Northern California with immigration raids.
Whereas ICE seeks to arrest more than 1,500 in North California.
Whereas ICE is targeting sanctuary cities in these raids.
Whereas EBDSA has been a member organization of Bay Resistance since February 2017
Whereas Bay Resistance has contacted immigrant rights organizations to offer support.
Whereas Bay Resistance is making emergency preparations to counter the raids planned by ICE with immigrant rights organizations.
Whereas EBDSA is committed to protecting immigrant communities. 
Therefore be it resolved that the EBDSA Local Council will vote to endorse the efforts of the Bay Resistance to counter ICE. 
Therefore be it resolved that the membership of the EBDSA chapter will be informed about the measures taken by Bay Resistance to stop the immigration raids carried out by ICE.
Therefore be it resolved that the membership of the EBDSA chapter will be informed about how they can contribute to Bay Resistance’s efforts to stop the immigration raids carried out by ICE.

The Local Council endorsed the proposal by email vote with 11 in favor and none opposed.

Addendum 2

On January 23, 2018, co-chair Molly put forward the following proposal for email vote to the Local Council.

Pedro Fuentes, a socialist organizer and veteran of the struggle against the Argentine junta of the dirty war and left wing activist, then as dissident in the Brazilian Workers Party (PT) and founder of PSOL, also in Brazil, will be visiting the East Bay in early of February. Some EBDSA comrades met him at the DSA National Convention and were deeply impressed by that encounter. He seems to have a lot to share with us and having an internationalist educational opportunity of this caliber is a great opportunity for EBDSA. (see his bio below).
Comrade Fuentes has already been in touch and sent some of his articles (translated into English) to share, which we on ed team would share with the publicity social media etc. for the event.
I'm proposing here for email vote an education event/lecture to feature comrade Fuentes. The event would be Feb. 8, 7 - 9 pm.
I've already secured a space, the East Bay Community Space on Telegraph in Temescal and the costs would be associated with that. These would be:
Rental fee = $100
Insurance = 10% of rental fee
House Manager = $50
Cleaning = $50
Total: $210

The Local Council endorsed the proposal by a vote of 11 in favor and none opposed.

Addendum 3

On January 29, 2018, co-chair Molly put forward the following proposal to the Local Council for an email vote.

Naming Sandy Barnard and Muller Gomes Appointed External Organizers
Whereas Sandy Barnard has contributed exceptional insight and experience as an external organizer and proven to be a valuable leader in any work they have engaged in in EBDSA.
Whereas Muller Gomes has demonstrated commitment and leadership throughout his EBDSA work, including his involvement the Medicare for All campaign and building the Immigrants Rights Caucus.
Therefore be it resolved that the EBDSA Local Council will appoint Sandy Barnard and Muller Gomes as Appointed External Organizers.

The Local Council endorsed the proposal with 11 in favor and none opposed.

Addendum 4

On February 8, 2018, co-chair Molly put forward the following proposal for an email vote by the Local Council.

Whereas we have hundreds of members to renew,
Whereas the dues renewal drive is already underway with phonebanks and digital communications,
Whereas our convention is in April 2018 and need as many people as possible renewed and able to participate in democratically determining our priorities and leadership for the coming year,
Whereas we'd like to get everyone in one place to celebrate how amazing it is to be a dues paying member of a socialist org in 2018,
Therefore be it resolved we host our dues renewal party on March 24 at Humanist Hall.
$600 space rental
$400 drinks and snacks (is this a reasonable number? how much did we spend for FALGSC?)
$200 decorations and printing

The Local Council endorsed the proposal by a vote of 12 in favor and none opposed.