Steering Committee Meeting: Apr. 15, 2018

East Bay DSA Steering Committee Meeting, April 15, 2018

April 15, 2018

3–5:30 p.m.

Introductions and Opening Statements

Present at the meeting are Mary Virginia, Molly, Jeremy, Zach, Ari, Jeff, Ahmed, Robbie, Megan, Jamie, and Ben F. who as the secretary is taking notes. Co-chair Mary Virginia is chairing the meeting. Not present are Frances and Hannah.

Approval of Agenda

The agenda for the meeting was approved unanimously.

Approval of General Meeting Notes

The notes from the February 25, 2018 meeting pass with two abstentions due to absence from the meeting.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of email votes from March 27 through April 11 pass unanimously.



The treasurer gave a report and stated that our finances are all fully committed and we should consider a fundraiser before we commit to additional projects. Additionally, we now have a PAC. The treasurer also made a recommendation that the next Steering Committee bake the financial discussions into the regular business of the committee.


The data lead gave an update about the current status of data-related projects.

Secretary's Report

The secretary gave an update on issues related to lists from national.

External Organizing

Zach gave an update on the canvassing program, the Labor Notes successes, the work of the housing subcommittee, and the upcoming Jacobin collaboration.

Mary Virginia discussed the DSA presence at Labor Notes and the impact of the fundraising we did to get people there. Mary Virginia also discussed ideas about increasing labor solidarity work.

Internal Organizing

Robbie gave an update on the dues drive and the mobilizers project, and Ahmed and Robbie discussed the work of the night school.

Convention Committee

Robbie gave a convention update regarding the space, the lead-up activities, and the development of materials.

Consent Calendar

The calendar passed unanimously.

Jeremy motivated a motion: Be it resolved, East Bay DSA will endorse the Oakland Teachers' April 24 actions and offer them material support as appropriate.

New Business

Resolution to Replace Co-Chair of Political Education Subcommittee

This motion was motivated by Ahmed.

Whereas the East Bay DSA Steering committee voted to establish three subcommittees within the Internal Organizing Committee, one of which is Political Education,
Whereas Dan D. and Ahmed K. were named co-chairs for the Political Education subcommittee,
Whereas due to time constraints and travel schedules Ahmed K. is no longer able to fulfill the responsibilities of subcommittee co-chair,
Whereas Ahmed K. has volunteered to step down from his position as co-chair of the political education subcommittee, and Hannah K. has agreed to assume the responsibilities associated with that position,
Therefore be it resolved that Hannah K. replace Ahmed K. as co-chair of the Political Education subcommittee with Dan D.
Therefore be it resolved that all future committee and subcommittee co-chair resignations and appointments be approved by the steering committee.

The motion passed unanimously.

Electoral Committee Supplemental Financial Rules

This motion was motivated by Jeff.

EBDSA Electoral Committee (hereafter "PAC") must fund its own administrative costs, including online resources.
The PAC is subject to strict reporting rules, including electronic filings that must be made within 24 hours of spending or receiving $1000 in aggregate, for each such instance. Satisfying these rules will require more advance planning and communication relative to non-electoral business.
The following pertain to PAC spending:
  • The PAC treasurer may authorize non-recurring expenditures up to $200 without authorization from the EBDSA Steering Committee. Recurring expenditures and those that exceed $200 must be approved by the Steering Committee.
  • The PAC is authorized to make the following recurring expenditures:
  • Up to $25 per month for Google Suite.
  • $25 per month for QuickBooks.
  • Up to $35 per month for web hosting.
Where possible, event organizers should perform detailed budgeting in advance of making expenditures, including reimbursable purchases and in-kind donations (such as non-reimbursed printing and food). The following are guidelines that electoral organizers must adhere to:
  • Early notice for all spending: expenditures for canvasses, socials, planning meetings, and other events should be planned in advance. The treasurer should be notified at at least 48 hours in advance of the intended expenditure whenever possible. The treasurer should also be notified immediately after any expenditure is made.
  • Advance estimates for in-kind contributions: event organizers should provide estimates for in-kind donations at least 48 hours in advance of the date of the event.
  • No anonymous donations: organizers must collect donor information for non-electronic donations.
  • Prompt confirmation and accounting for spending and donations: organizers should provide the treasurer with 1) a worksheet detailing all event expenditures and 2) a worksheet detailing donor information for all non-electronic donations. These worksheets should be submitted within 8 hours of the conclusion of an event, or before the end of the day on which the event occurred, whichever is sooner.
These rules are subject to change as we continue to learn how to deal with reporting rules.

The motion passed unanimously.

Motion to Establish Operations Committee

This motion was motivated by Zach.

Whereas effective communications systems are necessary for successful organizing
Whereas attempts at distributing the technical aspects of sending emails and preparing phone banks among organizers through EBDSA's CRM created undue burden on organizers and made coordination difficult,
Whereas the scale of East Bay DSA's activities requires coordination of communications so as to prevent spamming membership
Whereas each member with high levels of access to EBDSA's CRM creates a possible point of failure and should be accountable to the organization.
Whereas the use of Voter Files from the State of California makes EBDSA liable for the misuse of voter registrant data that may be stored in the Chapter's CRM.
Whereas the siloing of data collection and communications infrastructure undermines organizational sustainability
Whereas those members managing organizational resources should be accountable to the chapter and its elected officers
Therefore be it resolved that East Bay DSA form an Operations Committee. The Operations committee will be chaired by a Data Coordinator, and a Communications coordinator, both of whom shall serve by appointment of Steering Committee through a majority vote.
Be it resolved that the Steering Committee will appoint a Data Coordinator, and Communications Coordinator,
Be it resolved that the Operations Committee shall henceforth be charged with the administration of EBDSA's membership and attendance data; CRM; and communications tools; in coordination with the recording and communications secretaries.
Be It resolved that the Data Coordinator, shall be in charge of coordinating the collection, organization, and analysis of data for EBDSA committees. Such activities include but are not limited to the management of sign-in forms, the importing of data, and managing voter files.
Be it resolved that The Data Coordinator (previously the Data Lead in "Motion to Define Permission Sets in Nation Builder CRM)" shall have discretion to adjust permission sets to limit member use to those functions necessary for their roles and to minimize the number of members with high levels of access. Be it resolved this system of permissions management supersedes that established in "Motion to Define Permission Sets in Nation Builder CRM)"
Be it resolved that the Communications Coordinator shall be in charge of scheduling and coordinating the sending of chapter and committee emails, developing subscription options, and cutting lists for phone banks.

The motion passed unanimously following discussion and amendment.

Motion to Endorse Oakland May Day Events

This motion was motivated by Mary Virginia.

Whereas immigrants' rights organizations in the Bay Area have organized a march for immigrants' rights on May Day.
Whereas immigrant communities in the Bay Area are being threatened by ICE.
Whereas immigrant workers face deportation and harassment from their employers.
Whereas the EBDSA chapter is committed to protecting immigrant communities. 
Whereas the EBDSA chapter is committed to fighting with the working class.
Therefore be it resolved that the EBDSA Local Council will vote to endorse the March for Immigrants' Rights on May Day.
Therefore be it resolved that the membership of the EBDSA chapter will be informed time and place of the March and how to participate.
Therefore be it resolved that the membership of the EBDSA chapter will be informed about meetings beforehand to make material for the March for Immigrants' Rights.
Therefore be it resolved that the Local Council will approve a budget for the meeting to make material for the March for Immigrants' rights. 
Therefore be it resolved that $200 is approved for materials
Therefore be it resolved that the project shall be bottom lined by Muller G. pending his agreement.

The motion was approved unanimously.

Resolution to Create Labor Subcommittee

This motion was motivated by Mary Virginia.

Whereas organizing the working class is of central importance to socialist practice,
Whereas the Labor Team has been housed within the External Organizing Committee and has engaged in a few projects related to identifying and supporting rank and file union members, staff, and non-union members interested in labor among the East Bay DSA membership, including holding informative labor socials, raising money for Bay Area members to attend Labor Notes, organizing Northern California DSA members at the Labor Notes conference, and connecting with other chapters to explore their labor work;
Whereas the Labor Team has identified a substantial interest among members in learning more about the labor movement, developing workplace organizing skills, and supporting labor struggles;
Whereas EBDSA adopted new bylaws at our February 25th, 2018, meeting that contain new provisions on committees, and other teams within the External Organizing Committee have been designated Subcommittees of the External Organizing Committee in accordance with the new bylaws;
Therefore be it resolved that a Labor Subcommittee shall be formed, with Claudette Begin as co-chair and a second co-chair to be determined;
Therefore be it resolved that the Labor Subcommittee shall be tasked with developing a plan to support labor work of members and local union struggles, as well as other work supporting efforts to organize and build power among the working class.

This motion was withdrawn with the possibility that the motivator will present at a future meeting.


The meeting adjourned by unanimous vote of those present at 5:22 p.m.