Steering Committee Members

The Steering Committee leads the work we are already engaged in — campaigning for single-payer healthcare, educating and communicating with members, hosting public events — and takes on much more, like securing housing for all, resisting ICE detentions, and joining labor struggles. This operating structure — lean, transparent, and deeply democratic — means we can support our growing membership to build power, win fights, and transform life for working people in the East Bay for years to come.


The co-chairs are the official public spokespersons for the chapter. They organize and preside over all official meetings of the organization and the chapter, maintain consistent communication with all committee leaders and facilitate collaboration and coordination between them, and act as, or appoint, the official representatives of the chapter to the national organization and to other DSA chapters.

East Bay DSA's co-chairs are Annika B. and Shane R.

Annika B.

Shane R.

Vice Chair

The vice chair is responsible for assisting the co-chairs with all of their duties. If both co-chairs are unable to perform their duties, the vice chair shall perform all duties and assume all responsibilities of the co-chairs until such a time as one or both co-chairs are able to resume their posts.

East Bay DSA's vice chair is Andrew R.

Andrew R.

Recording Secretary

The secretary is responsible for taking the minutes of all general membership and Steering Committee meetings and reporting the minutes, resolutions, reports, and other official records of the chapter. The recording secretary may appoint, but must oversee, a temporary proxy minutes-taker for any meeting.

East Bay DSA's secretary is Carlos O.

Carlos O.

Communications Secretary

The communications secretary is responsible for the member newsletter and website, though each of these functions may be substantially delegated to or shared with designated committees.

East Bay DSA's secretary is Kat O.

Kat O.


The treasurer is responsible for administrating the funds, budget, and financial organization of the chapter, including overseeing its fundraising activities. The treasurer reports to the Steering Committee on the financial status of the organization at each Steering Committee meeting and maintains transparent and open financial reports.

East Bay DSA's treasurer is Lindsey M.

Lindsey M.

At-Large Members

At-large Steering Committee members participate in Steering Committee decision-making and are responsible for attending all relevant meetings and reading all relevant documents. At-large Steering Committee members are also tasked with representing the views of the membership that elected them as well as helping to advance the goals of the chapter generally.

East Bay DSA's at-large Steering Committee members are Benny Z., Ella T., Graham D., Hasan C., Maddy G.W., Max M., and Neder G-S.

Benny Z.

Ella T.

Graham D.

Hasan C.

Maddy G.W.

Max M.

Neder G-S.