About the East Bay Local

In the wake of the 2016 election, the East Bay Local is growing rapidly. There are hundreds of active members, many of whom dedicate time to DSA every week and even every day. To learn more about what we do, please come to an event or email info@eastbaydsa.org.

We’re restructuring the chapter to best engage every member, maintain democratic accountability and make the most impact. We recently ratified bylaws that will restructure our chapter around Internal Organizing and External Organizing.

Internal Organizers are responsible for fostering a lively, participatory and democratic culture within the Local through:

  • development, education, mobilization, and recruitment of members;

  • organizing General Meetings, Informational Meetings, and social, educational, and fundraising events;

  • development of socialist leadership through skills training and political education; and a system of Mobilizers (similar to union shop stewards) to connect the General Membership and the Local Council

External Organizers lead the Local’s fight for a socialist political agenda in the East Bay and beyond by carrying out:

  • issue and electoral campaigns, direct actions, rallies, and other activities targeted at the general public, including media communications.

  • The local’s primary focus right now is our mobilization around the Healthy California campaign in support of Single Payer Healthcare. Find out more about our efforts here.

The current members of the Local Council (formerly Executive Committee) of EBDSA are:

Jeremy Gong Co-chair
Mary Virginia Watson Co-chair
Molly Armstrong Vice-chair
Jess Dervin-Ackerman Treasurer
Benjamin Fife Secretary

Local Council Members At Large
Angad Bhalla
Ari Marcantonio
Kevin Wright
Michael McCown
Michael Nye
Susan Chacin

About DSA

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. DSA's members are building progressive movements for social change while establishing an openly democratic socialist presence in American communities and politics.

At the root of our socialism is a profound commitment to democracy, as means and end. Because  we are unlikely to see an immediate end to capitalism tomorrow, DSA fights for reforms today that will weaken the power of corporations and increase the power of working people. For example, we support reforms that:

  • decrease the influence of money in politics

  • empower ordinary people in workplaces and the economy

  • redistribute wealth and decommodify basic needs

  • restructure gender and cultural relationships to be more equitable.

We are committed to democracy as not simply one of our political values but our means of restructuring society. Our vision is of a society in which people have a real voice in the choices and relationships that affect the entirety of our lives. We call this vision democratic socialism — a vision of a more free, democratic and humane society.